Where is Landro Longshot?

After patched today couldnt find Landro Longshot anymore,anyone knows about where is him right now?

Probably this:

Some NPCs who redeem codes from outside the game have been temporarily removed. They will return to their usual locations soon.


I’m afraid he’s “swimming with the fishes”.

But actually he’s temporarily removed as Sniperorc posted for load reasons.


Update on the Dragonflight known issues tracker.

The last sentence in there is the update: The NPCs have been returned.


Unfortunately his redemption system is broken, you cannot redeem items.


I heard that too, through other channels.

Landro is back but broke. That makes the update I linked “technically correct”, since those NPCs are back. Just not useful, which the update doesn’t mention.

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Landro is back but bugged! please fix

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I have heard that in beta, he was handing out TCG loot to whomever asked, without needing a valid code. If they didn’t squash that bug before going live, it would make sense to remove the NPC (which the devs did) or disable his loot-giving ability (which it looks they also did) until they fix the underlying “excess generosity”.

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rip to my code who knows when ill be able to redeem sadge

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Trying to get my weather machine and its broken. Please fix so I can be cool!!! Been anxiously waiting for this in the mail

Do you think they will fix this during the maintenance?

No idea but I hope they fix it I got things to collect I opened a ticket but guess the wait time? 26 days lmao

And the ticket wouldn’t help anyway. The GMs can’t redeem those codes. So don’t waste a month clogging up the already-overclogged ticket queues for a pointless ticket. Just wait for the fix.

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