Where is it at

Where can you find buffs and nerfs at.

Well based on you being a level 70 Blood Elf Pally. I am surprised you don’t know. :crazy_face:

If you’re using the default UI, your buffs and debuffs can be found to the left of your minimap. There is a little arrow there now that allows you to hide them, so if you’re not seeing anything it’s possible you accidentally hit that at some point.

If you’re using a UI replacement addon, I wouldn’t be of much help there. Perhaps someone else can chime in if you are, you’d have to let us know what UI addons you’re using though. If nothing else, the people over in the UI and macro forum would be able to help if that’s the case.

And finally, to @Ellah, we don’t take kindly to trolls on the returning player forum. People come here for help, not to be ridiculed. If you have something constructive to add to the conversation, feel free. Otherwise, take it somewhere else.

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I wasn’t trolling. I saw the person already had a level 70 Character and was shocked /and surprised. I don’t take kindly to people who assume or make accusation on people reply on Newcomer’s forums. You can take that accusation/ and assumption somewhere else as well.

Hitting 70 isn’t hard with questing, given some basic knowledge of your spells and how gearing works. In questing your debuffs are not that severe generally, and you roughly know your buffs and can just re-apply them occasionally. Coming back from 5 years away I certainly didn’t look at trying to build a coherent set of talents or worry about tracking my buffs and debuffs until I hit 70 and wanted to get back into BGs.

Just in case the OP wasn’t talking about the in game buffs and debuffs:

If you’re looking to keep track of class changes, there’s a thread that tracks hotfixes stickied in the General Discussion forum. To see upcoming changes, the In Development Forum will typically have a stickied thread with development notes when there’s an active PTR.