Where is everyone?

So I decided a couple of days ago to give WOW another try. I have been gone for 8 years because of life and heath issues.

So I decided to roll new characters on the Twisting Nether realm. Blizzard said they could not find my old characters from 8 years ago.

So I have a Mage, Priest and Warlock all above level 30.

Went to Stormwind recently and the place is a ghost town. Ironforge is the same way. There is no one in either place. Come to think of it, in all that leveling I have not encountered a single other player in the game. I think I have the whole realm to myself.

Definitely strange. Have you ever seen this yourself?

Have a great day

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Really? I was just hanging out in Stormwind on the 4th watching the ingame fireworks inbetween queues and there were a bunch of people running around. I mean it’s not like PACKED like some of the big servers but I definitely wouldn’t call it a ghost town. Though most of my time is spend in max level areas doing more current content, or in queues and I imagine for many people it’s the same. I would agree that leveling can be very quiet, but that doesn’t really surprise me, I imagine whoever is leveling on our low pop server is pretty spread out across a pretty big world.

At most, you will have like 10 players top in those city… it is a ghost town most of the time. Specially when compared to other servers.

The glorious days of Twisting Nether is long gone in the past now. Some remain strong here, but many have immigrated to a different server. I am one of those (now on Emerald Dream, which at the time was the only other good RP-PvP server)

I do hope they get to merge again this server with other, heck to could even tie it to a big one like ED and it would be good.

We’ll see… they haven’t announced the whole server merge list yet. Only doing it bits by bits.

Merge with the Maelhoof server - Maelstrom, Lightninghoof, and The Venture Company - coming Tuesday. Recent figures suggest that Maelhoof currently has about 4 times as much population as Twisting Ravenholdt. The total population will end up at about 30% of Emerald Dream.

At the beginning of BFA, the total of the two servers would have been about 50% of Emerald Dream at that time, so I’m kinda hoping we can get back to that at the beginning of Shadowlands and then maintain the population thereafter. To me, that’s in the sweet spot - enough people to support a viable auction house and a few raiding guilds, but not as crowded as ED.


I will definitively need to check this out. Perhaps some relic of the past will walk around again :slight_smile: (Though, i doubt I’d be able to revive a certain clan)