Where Is Everyone?

The population of our server has seriously dropped! And that concerns me.
Sure, go to Boralus and you see lots of people standing around, but take a closer look. They are not from CC/SoE!!
I decided to look around a dif RP server- Silver Hand. It’s merged with Thorium Brotherhood and Farstriders. I found a guild with more than 20 people online at a time, all at varying levels from 10 to 120.
I didn’t find a single guild on CC/SoE with that many, during peak hours, even in the RP guilds at a time when presumably half the nation is in quarantine.
Did they all leave because of dailies and stagnant progression zones?
Are there really very few of us casuals left who enjoy leveling, achievements, old content for tmogs, etc??
Or is everyone over at Classic and have given up on retail? :’(

Well, this is a quieter server during the dead period of an expansion’s life cycle. Add to that the Classic experience that’s available.

This happens everytime during a cycle when people have caught up and are bored with no new content. Or there are a lot of people simply giving up on the game. I have lost so many in game friends, I can delete over half my friends list. Some of them have not played in a year or more.

I’ll be your friend! I’ve been leveling a shaman with the awesome buff. I enjoy repeating content such as MoP and Legion.

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Awesome! I will be in game today. I am going to level a shaman and a monk. I am not a tank, so we can just quest if you like. Are you by chance an rper?

I will send Varisse my b-net tag so we can get together.

The RP guilds on the server are going to be working on livening things up around here and promoting the server more to try to bring in more RPers and give the existing community more to do. Look for some new forum threads soon as we ramp that up!

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Lord knows we could use some livening up. I know I could; I’ve got one probable and two possible cases in the house, and I’d REALLY like an escape right now…

Currently I am leveling an Unholy DK to play as a villain, he will be a necromancer. I am actually quite enjoying the leveling of him. It’s an easy spec to learn so far. Of course my main idea with him will be rp.