Where Fresh

Where is classic fresh? Just make 1 pve and 1 pve server. Thats it. I think the 1 intern can handle it.


It would be cool if they could just let us know if there are any plans for fresh or SOM2. Or even just tell us no its not happening. That way i could feel justified in leveling this warrior on Era and not feel like im wasting my time


W h e r e f r e s h


I agree. I definitely don’t share in the sentiment that it would be “wasted time” to enjoy your most preferred way of playing just because a better one will eventually come, but there are enough people who are on the fence about playing at all that some transparency would make a huge difference. Personally I have a few friends who are reluctant to even try Wrath at all because there’s been no word on whether it will just disappear like TBC Classic did.


A lot of people like the leveling aspect and running dungeons and grouping for quests. It can’t be beat with a fresh server imo.

Do you think they will do SOM2?
I just don’t play the game atm but would def play som2.


I dont think they can handle another som with changing fights etc.

I believe Aggrend has said they are actively working on SOM? Haven’t seen word about fresh era though