Where do I gear quickly in questing zones?

I am new to the expansion (not even 70 yet).

When I hit level 70, where will I go to get a quick set questing gear that will cost me no gold and require no dungeons, raids, PvP?

I just want basic gear that I can attain through events or quests that will get me started.

it honestly depends on what expansion you want to quest in. Now that chromie time is for everyone, even trials. you can actually level and gear up in any of the expansions, minus dragonflight until level 60.

As far as getting decentish gear for Dragonflight you actually can either get some decent gear from the auction hall while you also get decent gear while questing, until you reach 70, then you’ll get time rifts, Fyrakk’s assault, dream surges and the new place, amirdrasill that drop decent gear at 70. good luck!

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