Where can I see the total honorable kills, I have combined on all my characters?

I know there are websites that aggregate this data, but is there any way I can see this in game?

I only see per character count in the statistics section.

I also looked at Altaholic addon and if it does have that info, I can’t find it.


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Step 1: Get a piece of paper and a pencil.
Step 2: Look up each of your characters’ honorable kills and write that number down.
Step 3: Add it up.

<Ali Khaby Lame shrugging and pointing>

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I would suggest posting in the UI and Macros forum to see if anyone knows of an addon that can do this.

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There’s a series of achievements called “x Honorable Kills” that you can track. It’s account-wide, so the number shown in it will give you combined honorable kills.

I took this screenshot on a new character. I only PVP’d on maybe two or three characters total:

Edit: I’m not sure what is the last achievement of the series, but so far, I know for a fact that you can track them up to 100,000 hk.



Yeah, I have over 250k kills, so I can no longer use that to track.


When I look at your acheivements it states you only have 26K honor kills, do you have the title the bloodthirsty?

The achievement page only tracks the stats of the specific character you’re looking at. OP is looking for an account wide total.

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Yes, since 2012.

There is a site that aggregates it. I can just use that. I would have liked to have found something in game though. No worries. Thanks for all the replies.


no normal person would have less than that that achievement so your information is pointless.