When will the Zandalari leave the Horde?

Since it is obvious that the two traitorus cowards Baine and Thrall will do nothing to bring Jaina to justice for what she did in Zandalar it would be in the best interests of the trolls to leave the Horde and cut all ties with the outside world again. The alliance with the Horde has brought the Zandalari nothing but loss and suffering and it was a mistake to seek their help in the first place. Talanji needs to put a brown dookie on the table of Thrall and the Horde council and tell them idiots to get lost. That way Zandalari trolls will have at least some closure on the attack the alliance brought them.


Still haven’t leveled past 10 I see.


Edit: don’t like my post, erevien.
i’m not agreeing with you.


right…like that wouldn’t just give the Alliance free reign to attack them again.
they needed the Horde then, they need the Horde now.

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They don’t need the Horde. All the Horde brought them was misery. They are better off on their own.

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without the Horde Zandalar would have collapsed, they barely survived with Horde aid, they wouldn’t have survived at all without it.
now that they want revenge on the Alliance they need the horde even more.
if they went solo right now and pursued Jaina, they would be fighting the entire Alliance on their own with a weakened empire.
it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how that would go

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Being dead trying to make things right is much better then being forced to accept a peace treaty that protects the alliance from Zandalari vengeance. They never needed the Horde. And that armistice prooves it. Screw the Horde. I rather see them destroiyed by the alliance then to accept peace.

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a hollow pyrrhic “victory” that would leave even more of Azeroth in control of the damned Alliance.
a Suicidal charge is exactly what they’d want.
they’d rush in attempting to claim vengeance on their own and get demolished, destroying the epicenter of Troll culture and taking everything.

The only chance anyone has against the Alliance is the Horde.
I’d rather see them survive to fight another day than kill themselves fulfilling a hollow vengeance quest. thank you very much

Thrall and Baine will never act against Jaina because they are close friends. If you want to kill Jaina you need to kill Baine and Thrall first because they will protect Jaina with evrything they can- There is no dead Jaina for as long as Baine and Thrall are alive too.

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I rather be dead then being at peace with the alliance. Better to be going down with glory then to act like we like the enemy. Let there be blood and thunder. DEATH to the ALliance always.


so you want the Alliance to win, got it

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I want the alliance to be destroyed. That can only happen when the peace mongers like Thrall and Baine are gone.

Those “Peace Mongers” are stopping the Alliance from dismantling us.
you underestimate how much the war of Thorns drained everyone.
So we go down in a blaze of glory, fighting to the last man until we are wiped off the planet, leaving the Alliance in control and all left behind helpless to resist their tyranny.
but hey you got your glorious death right?

Horde are murderous beasts.
Take it as a payback for nuking an entire city full of civilians.


Baine and Thrall are weaklings who only damage the interests of the Horde. The sooner they die the better we are off. The Hord ewill rise and destroy the Alliance for good. Death to the alliance always.

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Thrall is the reason we have a Horde at all.
It’s a good thing we got a council when we did, The Horde would have fallen apart along the line drawn in the sand by Sylvanas if not.
The glorious invasion you envision is an impossible fallacy at this point in time.

Go suck the banshee’s toes you suicidal imbecile.
The Horde is better off without you morons.
at least we won’t have to suffer your presence for long before you suicide charge the enemy line

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right… like we need more warmongers right now…
I swear these people are alliance double agents,
there’s no way they could actually think this is a good idea or beneficial for the Horde.

The council needs to die. This is not up for debate. THe Horde can only be strong if my list of leaders leads them.

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Personally I’m in favor of Erevien leading the Horde. He’s got my vote.