When to PI Demo Lock

A lot of priest healers run a Weakaura that alerts them to CDs popped by most DPS classes so that you can PI them near instantly when they pop a big one. If PI is up and I get said Weakaura alert I often simply PI then and there in a lot of cases if there is no reason not to.

All fine and good, right? I mean you can sit on it and only hit the “best in the group.” But you have to wonder if the time you sit on it when you do that is a good thing or not. After all having the most uptime on PI has to be a good thing.

And you know the drill. PI me, I am the best. PI him, her, etc etc yada yada yada. If you pug M+ much you get that garbage pretty often.

However, recently I have had a couple demo warlocks tell me I ought to PI them. However, my Weakaura does not alert me to when to hit them. They seem to have no big CDs.

Is that true? I have never played demo lock so have no idea. I asked one of them if I can simply hit him any time and got no answer.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts about this. Much appreciated.

While navigating, I looked at this. I rarely visit other class forums that I do not play. I play Priests a bit during my unwinding. But I do play a heck a lot of Demo Lock.

Demo Locks have one cooldown that’s the most important to them and that is Demonic Tyrant. If you see a warlock summoning a purple portal followed by a big purple demon, he summoned a Tyrant and he hurts… a lot along with the army of demons the warlock summons will stick around for a very long time.

I’m sure you know the reason why you should PI the Demo Lock.

I recommend getting OmniCD if you are running keys often. As for raids… I’d like to know your method of tracking the CD of a Lock in a raid.

Yeah, I run OmniCD. You are saying hit them on Demonic Tyrant. Not sure, but maybe I can add that to my Weakaura if that is correct.

As for Omni CD, I do eyeball it at times but generally rely on the audible alert more than anything. I may look at people’s CDs if one of them is a standout in terms of what they pump, but otherwise not a lot. I find healing and trying to do max dps possible keeps me plenty busy really. If you record your runs to see where you can improve that addon is very useful.

Raids, lol. I dont raid now. I have been really turned off raiding because I find a lot of GMs and raid leaders to be too rude (and quite frankly stupid) for my liking. The only way I would return to it would be if I myself lead. But I find that annoying as well with all the children whispering me when I do that. Remove this guy, this tank is bad, etc etc. In summary, raiding is not for me. And the idea that master looter may return to the game will probably keep me away for good.

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Fair enough! Kind of leads me to believe that I am more or less kind of lucky to have a good raid team. Raid Leaders tend to be rude and drastic to get anywhere. It’s not an easy position. It’s a hellish role with good intentions. There was one night that my RL dropped the F-bomb when people are being rude and disruptive. :sweat_smile:

When ML returns, people need to be super picky about which raid guild they join. If I enter a corrupted loot system, I would incline to leave.

But yea, hit the PI when the Lock has the Tyrant. Oh and since you’re Night Fae, putting Beneficial Fairy from Fae Guardians will recharge their Tyrant faster! I would be mighty appreciative if you would ever do that for me. I feel like healer tracking other people’s CD is a rare find.

But I deal damage much more than I ever heal so… :man_shrugging:

If you have a good raid team that is awesome. As for being rude and drastic, I dont like people being that way in RL, let alone a game. I have no tolerance for that garbage. Life is short, and for 99.99% of us we are not going for world’s first. To me, nobody gives a damn if you’re #1 on your server or whatever–so get over it and enjoy yourself. I just want to enjoy the game, and dont need anyone poking and prodding anyone. If you wipe, explain what needs to be done, and get on with it. People make mistakes in the game and in real life. Your mistakes are probably the best teachers you have, so you dont need some jerk singling people out and all of that. That is my philosophy anyhow. And if your team is failing, it is probably because you are not a good leader and dont know how to bring out the best (vs the worst) in people.

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… and then there is Mythic Raiding…


Not. Doing. That. Crap. Ever. Again.

Seriously, it took us 300 wipes to kill him. Let alone a month or two... .-.

I had a friend back a few years ago. He never raided with us. I used to message him to come all the time but he refused.

He once said to me that most raiders are idiots. He said that people waste time wiping over and over and could simply spend the time doing M+ to better gear themselves and then do the raids a lot more easily.

He did end up coming once or twice, but the raid leader removed him once, saying he was not very good. But the guy was really an excellent player, but people (such as this raid leader) have no patience, and so he rarely raided and eventually quit the game. Sad really. But I liked him. His few words about the game and raiding were of more value to me than what 95% of raid leaders say about raiding.

I respect that.

Raiding is not for everyone. Especially Mythic Raiding. I learned that after we killed Mythic Painsmith and have no motivation to continue afterwards.

… At least I wasted time with my friends in a group that I told them (who are also officers in the guild) that I’m not very interested in raiding in 9.2 as much as I did in 9.1. They miss my warlock and eventually got replacement.

Meanwhile I am pretty much play whatever I want to do like Path of Exile. Siege of the Atlas released during this time.

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I had a few bad experiences mythic raiding and said to heck with it. One time this GM/raid leader was on at me about how to heal on a disc priest without even an iota of a clue about it. He had me do some really dumb things in the group. Others were actually whispering me at the time telling me the guy was a total idiot. And he was.

The next day I woke up and thought over joining the group again with a guy like that who was totally clueless about Disc priests. He had me literally spam shields on 12 people and then do my two raptures and ramp. I tried to explain to him that that was not a good idea and that disc priests need to be very careful about mana and wasting it, and that was only the half of it. I also tried to explain how futile it was anyway as most of the atonement would drop by the time I started dpsing! So the guy, playing a druid, said he would simply put his innervate on me before that–but that was futile and stupid. It was like fueling up a tank of gas and then putting your car up on blocks and driving nowhere. It was such bogus rot that I simply then–the next day–sent him a message and politely thanked him for inviting me to his guild and then said that we had both looked like idiots and that he ought to do his homework before he wastes everyone’s time again. And then I hit /gquit.

What are you gonna do?

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most locks want PI BEFORE they actually summon their tyrant, to ensure its a big one, hence why theyre asking for it when your weakaura isnt telling you to, it only tells you too once it registers that theyve used tyrant.