When should we take Cleansed by Flame

I see non DH players saying to take it. I see top DH players saying not to take it ever. This has left me not knowing when or if to take it for pvp.

When are we supposed to take it if ever? Thank you.

Edit: I just saw Trill saying it’s bad. He has to change his whole build because you have to get two charges. He said it’s less damage.

Should I ever take it and when?

One of the best pvp players in the last decade has told you its worth. What else are you looking for?

Answers to my questions. Why did you post anything?

Me: Trill is good and he said x.
You: Trill is good and he said x.

Trill has different opinions about DH than CEO. So obviously what Trill says is not the end all.

Trill said it because 2 of the best pvp players in the last decade were telling him to take it.

You could have just not posted and it would have told me the same thing about my questions, which is nothing.

I am not trying to be rude but your post was pretty troll.

You wanting random forum posters to give you perspective on pvp when you’ve already gotten it from one of the world’s best pvp players is pretty troll.

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Trill did not say to never take it. He said he doesn’t because it is less damage.

As I said Trills opinions are not the end all when it comes to DH. Again the CEO of DH pvp, Tren does not share the same opinions as Trill. So how could the best DH on the planet, who mains DH have a different opinion, if Trills opinions are the only right opinion?

For example, Trill uses crit/vers Infurious boots. Tren and other DH mains, do not and they use mast/vers Life-Bound boots, because they are more damage.

Trill does not use the same spec as Pikaboo on his rogue all the time. How could this be? Could it be that different players see things from different angles?

Could Pikaboo, not know as much about rogue as Trill? Or is it more likely that they just have different playstyles and perspectives when it comes to playing the game?

Trill said, he does not use it because it’s less damage. But because Sam and Cdew, 2 of the best pvpers in the last decade, wanted him to use it, he did.

Trill then said, “maybe it’s better with this comp.”

I do not know enough about DH to know why or what comps it might be better with. Nor do I know what situations, other than comp dependency it might be better.

If you look at the top 50 DH right now, they do not all play the exact same spec. Some might have certain specs only for certain comps they play, comps they face or forms of pvp they do.

People do not play Decree anymore for 3’s. But they play it for duels. Because it is better in duels and I know why.

I do not know why some do play Cleanse the Flame and others do not. I am asking on the forums to find out.


Can you please leave the thread and not come back, thanks.

I will not respond to you anymore. You do not know the answer and are more concerned with trying to make me feel foolish and or proving me wrong.

I had asked another question before and got a response from a 2100+ DH. High rated DH mains are not just “random” posters. They are very specific posters.

Do you even play DH or did you specifically come here to troll DH players?

You have no idea why. So again stop posting. You are adding nothing to the topic.

This is trolling, please move along, thanks.

I see from your forum post history you are a troll/player vs forum poster troll. You frequently post really negative things to or about other players.

It’s kind of sad at this point you still can’t grasp this… I’ve tried leading the blind horse to water, but I can’t make it drink…

I’ll give you one more hint, dumbing it down even more so…

Tren streams… maybe ask in his stream why he does what he does. Instead, you’re here waiting on enlightenment from some random 1200 rating forum poster.

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Hey guys Tren only streams for an hour or less when he does stream. He hasn’t streamed in 3 or 4 days and plays odd hours because he is on EU. It’s probably going to be at like 4 in the morning, but could someone notify me the next time he goes online and let me borrow 5 bucks in case he uses sub only chat mode? I will make sure to wake up in the middle of the night.

Some rando that told me not to take advice from randos advised me to ask Tren.

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what i don’t like about it is that to make it feel worth playing you need to switch into the double immo aura talent that’s not used anymore and you kinda have to hold it for a root break and this gimps your damage further. Only way i could see it having value is if you were facing a team with double magic roots like frost mage / boomie / X

Allright cool thanks a lot. I think they were playing against a double caster comp with lots of roots.

It’s kind of weird that you base everything off of a person to the point where you ignore data.

There is nothing wrong with someone wanting quantification.

It’s honestly dullards that just say “Follow X person, then you don’t have to think”

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