When is the guide book being released?


I used to read that thing all the time at school. Bring it back updated for 1.12 please Blizzard.


A downloadable .pdf will be available in the Blizzard store for $19.99.


I want a book not a pdf.


The price just went up $10.00. You’ll get what Blizzard gives you and you’ll like it.

(Mysfyre) #5

I would LOVE if Brady released a Classic guide and Dungeon Companion Classic I.

They’d go on the bookshelf next to every other wow Brady guide.


I just hope they include Thousands Needles… which Brady forgot in the 1st edition lol

(Mysfyre) #7

I’ve seen SO many mistakes in the guides.

Best part was the guild/player callouts.

reminds self to look for those guild/player names when classic goes up


Isn’t brady games master guide second edition for 1.12? I still have mine and one extra in my battlechest.


There’s a download for a pdf guide on the main classic site…free download.


I heard that you can pay 15 dollars for a chance to get one.


I want a classic one. Not Vanilla.