When is phase 2 live, date/time EST

Look on google at multiple sources that say feb 8th 1 pm pacfic :confused:

Then cite the sources. If blizzard isnt a source I dont trust it. If its that simple link to one source.

Phase 2 is live at 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, February 8th. I’ll leave you to figure out what that means for your time zone.

It was sort of blink and you’ll miss it but they literally confirmed the release time in their GDKP Clarification Post:

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Here you go. Under “When exactly does this policy go into effect?”

That doesnt say when phase 2 goes live. Thats the gdkp post.

Edit: i see it further down. Why didnt you quote the actual paragraph?

Its the GDKP post where they also say exactly when Phase 2 goes live. Already quoted it in response to the OP but here you go!

When exactly does this policy go into effect?

  • We’ll enact this policy alongside the release of Phase 2 of Season of Discovery on February 8, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. PST.

I did in my response to the OP and since it was literally the post right above my response to you, I figured you would either see it oooor have just enough reading comprehension to read where I told you “it’s under this thing specifically”.

My bad for overestimating your intelligence.

wonder why an 8 hour shut down tomorrow if it is not phase 2 for a few days after.

Do you read every comment in every thread? I dont.

No need to be a jerk.

The official post says 1pm PST.

Phase 2 goes live on February 8 at 1:00 pm PST (21:00 GMT)

Rozen is special :100:

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Tried to tell you and be helpful but your acting like im trolling im at work and dont have time to give you all the links and sources thus why i said search google. But glad you see it with your own eyes now.

I’m a jerk to people who jerk me around first =)

I didnt jerk you around. Clearly i hadnt read that part. TIL asking for sources is jerking people around. You obviously answered the question for me too. I also learned you act like a 16 year old on the internet.

I guess so. Well glad you know now buddy enjoy your day and p2.

I wasnt responding to you. The other paladin is the jerk.

My initial response to you literally said it was under “When exactly does this policy go into effect”.

Instead of searching for what I told you to search for in the GDKP post, you immediately decided I had sent you a bad link, making it obvious you didn’t actually even bother to read my response to you, let alone read my response to OP just above my response to you.

In which case, I have to assume you have the reading comprehension of an eight year old since instead of reading the entirety of my post from start to finish before making a fool of yourself, your eyes immediately skipped past my words to look at the only part of my post with a picture in it, the Warcraft Logo of the link I gave you.

You know, like someone who still prefers picture books over novels would do.

They apply the phase 2 patch ahead of the phase 2 release, so in case things break, they have a couple days to fix it. Also, then there aren’t 8 trillion people all trying to download a patch on launch day.

Thanks for the source.