When is AH coming back?

Well, as you can probably tell by my name with the AH down there was only one thing left to do. Come here and see if I could sit by the fire and see who else is annoyed, pissed, bullxxxx, mad as hell, etc, hates life, hates Blizzard, hates Activision, hates WoW, is quitting if this is not fixed right now and more.

I was hoping for more to be honest but if it is down long enough more entertainment may come along.

What is a bank cow to do?

Maybe if they tested this software better but that would take QA engineers and they are expensive and Activision values money not customers and somehow gets away with that year after year.

Let us hope that our new overlords (hopefully) at Microsoft will give this game the TLC it richly deserves.

Right now I think the merger is Undetermined

“Craft two floral baskets” “AH is CLOSED.” Me: … /facepalm…


You’re gonna have to hustle your baskets the old fashioned way.
Trade chat and shouting

Don’t forget to show a little skin. It doesn’t help but it’ll make me giggle to think that you’re doing it


Mugging people… got it! pulls out a pair of Rogue daggers that I totally didn’t steal

We expect to have the Auction House re-opened in the next few minutes.

In Valdrakken, Malicia remains disabled, as we work on this issue. The PvP upgrade currency (Trophy that was tradeable) is taking a little while to clean up and preserve competitive fairness.


What does ‘competitive fairness’ mean in regard to the Auction House?


Making sure PvP is not literally pay to win.


People could buy and sell the currency on the AH.


PS: Oof.


Exploiters who keep everything: i gained the power of gold, what chance you think you got?!

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thanks for the update.


Will you be rolling back gear for people who already purchased gear with the Trophies?


The rules of patch day still apply it seems.

  1. Exploit Early.

  2. Exploit Often.


My Hunter who just needs herbs for floral baskets to finally fulfill crafting orders:

“Let me IiIiIiIinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!”


I did the same thing

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Of course not. Blizzards new motto is “exploit early, exploit often”.


“As soon as they fix the bug”

THERE’S A BUG IN THIS GAME EVERY SINGLE DAY! THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO FIX IT DURING “SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE” (a.k.a. “Announced actual scheduled maintenance” & maintenance whenever they want to do it which is also subsequently CALLED “SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE”

The AH has been down for over two hours now.
Once again the ineptitude of Buzzard devs ruins the game for people who may have these times scheduled to play because, have restrictions/obligations on their time, have other things to do 4 hours from now when they finally “fix” it (for the moment) until tomorrow when, SURPRISE, there will be… yes, you guessed it, another 8 hours of "SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE"

Honestly, this game has turned into total garbage & I make sure to tell everyone I know, meet, or pass by on the street this very same thing!


this time around blizz will bring the hammer