When does the SoM War Effort start?

Lots of Cenarion Hold NPCs were added today, along with the AQ patch quests for Cenarion Circle. When will the war effort turn-ins be added to the game?

Why were the Field Duty NPCs removed, making it impossible to get badges if you didn’t have assignments banked?

I don’t remember it being like this in Classic or Vanilla, was this expected?

Article says 3pm PDT which has passed.

most everyone that was in Org waited or walked over to Valley of Spirits and … nothing. we all thought this was strange as well.

In case anyone finds this thread, the war effort has started and the NPCs are in Org. No idea about Field Duty though.

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What is this event, and why do I want to partcipate?

The War Effort is a one-time Realm Event that concludes with the opening of the AQ Gates in Silithus, allowing players to access the 20/40man raids within. Participation in the War Effort entails gathering a lot of trade materials and turning them in for rewards of varying degree to the War Effort NPCs in capital cities. Outside of material rewards, the War Effort is unique in that it allows players a chance to earn vast amounts of reputation with their Faction Cities via these repeatable turn-in quests. This is important for players that wish to purchase mounts/mount training from the other races of their faction because doing so requires an Exalted reputation.

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