When does season 1 end M+

Season 2 doesn’t start till the 9th.
Can we run the season 1 dungeons still but with the new gear we can get from today’s patch?
Or does the new dungeon rotation begin today but only on M0?

You can still run them, but I don’t think you’ll be able to get IO or gear really.

edit: I was wrong

Got ya tyvm

You can still get KSM/KSH. You cant get the Hero title anymore. Gear ilvl is the same as last week.


You can? I thought you couldn’t.

Season 2 doesn’t start until May 9th. M+ still gives you rating, IO, and gear. You can still get KSM and KSH this week.

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Well damn, and here I was rushing and stressing about KSM.

As stated by blizzard

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Awesome cheers

Is new gear coming from todays content/zone? And if so what item level is it?