When are hunters going to get some love?

I see yet another set of patch notes and yet again blizzard has failed to address the core issues that are affecting hunters of all subclasses like survivability against unavoidable raid and dungeon mechanics, lack of group utility, and bloated talent trees.

Is there not enough developer time to make hunters fun and good blizzard? What will it take? How long do we have to suffer before you will address these issues?


It is actually insane how the 10.1.5 PTR notes have literally nothing for hunters, at all. Not even a single mention.


It’s honestly wild that nothing has been done to help any of the hunter specs in recent history. BM is one of the absolute most worthless specs in the game, and has been since Nyalotha if you don’t count the two weeks we got to have fun at the beginning of S1 on Terros.

“Oh but you have traps!” Yeah, sure, and two useless defensives that can’t get us through tight spots more often than every 3 minutes. In raid it’s a non-issue, but in M+ it’s heartbreaking.

“Oh but you’d be too strong in PvP!” Not since they now tune things separately for PvE and PvP.

“Oh but it’s too easy!” So are a multitude of other classes which absolutely stomp all content right now. Ret paladins anyone?

“Oh but you just need to git gud!” No, I have multiple 99% parses on heroic and still fall 20-40k behind other meta classes at or below my ilvl on those same fights.

Please Blizzard, get off of your collective bottoms and throw some buffs our way. Or, maybe you are working on it, but if so SAY SOMETHING so we at least know we aren’t forgotten.


Patch 10.1.5 PTR Build 49824 Datamining Class Changes and Tuning - Wowhead News

I am speechless…not a word on hunters.


It is kinda getting ridiculous at this point. My guess is 1-2 band-aid aura buffs this patch or 10.1.5. Then a talent rework for 10.2, which is why they are silent on hunters at the moment.

It’s very sad :frowning:

Truly ridiculous.

Recntly been taking opposite tact, if there are no notes on hunters than they haven’t screwed me yet again :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t count on it

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Warriors got nothing too.

Go to the warrior forums and talk about it, no class traitors here

If you look at all the drama on Twitter from Blizzard employees, their silence is likely caused by being severely short-handed and losing people left and right. I think the developers themselves are doing all they can, but the management is making the task impossible. Unfortunately, Hunters are probably way down the list of things that need worked on, and the penny pinchers are focused on new content over balance of current content.

This is Blizzard’s design philosophy for hunters.



I hope you mean they’ve been bad since AFTER Ny’alotha, because I was absolutely destroying as BM in Ny’alotha. But all of Shadowlands and Dragonflight so far? Complete dogwater.

Those will be changed and added to dramatically between now and when it actually drops.

Yes, sorry I could have worded that better. As far back as but not including Nyalotha.

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Warriors have great talent trees, low cost talents, with lots of options. Warriors also have two unique forms of mandatory raid utility (battle shot, rallying cry) on top of spell reflect, on top of dealing better damage than Hunters in almost every form of content


Hunter talent trees are not as good as they could be. On the spec tree, you only have two options for DPS, the ST build and the AoE build with no chance of any variation of them as any changes to those builds results in 5k or more DPS loss.

The whole aspect of the wild side of the tree and down is also useless and a massive DPS loss for something that is supposed to offer 2 large DPS cooldowns.

They had absolutely no trouble nerfing us into the ground. Its not being short staffed. It is at this point either intentional and malevolent or a matter of complete disregard for the most played class in the game. I have become increasingly convinced they want to force hunters to either switch to their fancy new dragons or quit. Not a single blue post on the hunter forums. Not a word in patch notes. Not even a bit of recognition that theres a problem. At this rate I might just quit the game, despite dragonflight overall being a decent expansion. Hunter talent trees are awful, our balance is terrible, I mean what motivation do we have to keep playing.


Hey maybe the beginning of something but I am not going to hold my breath, I don’t have enough defensives to risk it…