Whelpling to Aspect Crests

At this point in the season many people have mains and alts now with plenty of crests or crest fragments from whelpling to aspect crests. Can we do something with these before next season? Turn in for rep? Use to trade in for boa crests? For flightstones? Anything? It was nice in the first season where we could send primal chaos to alts.

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I think they can be…vendored?

It appears that in the next patch, you will be able to trade lower for higher in some capacity though.

But I think those will be different crests specifically for season 3 gear.

Yes of course. I should perhaps not operate under the assumption that everyone knows such currencies don’t carry over from season to season.

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Ability of send boa crests to alts would be awesome. I got a bazillion crests sitting around, I’m not vendoring them holding out hope I can send them to alts at some point.

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