Whats your Shaman Build for DF?


This is what I’m gonna be running for DF, though I plan on tweaking it the more I play around with it. I really, really, REALLY wish we got Chain Harvest instead of Primordial Wave as that would honestly be taken over Ascendance but it is what it is (sadly)

What about the rest of you? What will you be rolling for DF? What cool ideas do you have in mind?

This will be my General resto build till I know the finer points of things ( Class portion ) Mostly a raider here since cata. Thinking Ill start off the expansion talented healing heavy and slowly move any underwhelming or underperforming healing talents to more dps/survivability/mobility talents till I find a nice mix/flow.

First Tier:
Went left and mid heavy. Grabbed up all the useful utility spells and damage reduction, stuns, interrupts, Tremor totem, wolf buffs, extra earth shield on myself is cool considering the buffs farther down, picked up earth elemental. Mostly main stuff here, not a lot of freedom unless you want to buff dmg and mess with those healing/melee abilities on the left.

Didnt pick up Hex…yet. With the fast paced nature of m+ it’s whatever, I mostly raid. Most likely situational but can be picked up easily if needed. Planning to make a full dps questing build for fun later to see what I can mix in for m+ down the road.

Can get most of the healing upgrades without too many conflicts/issues. Unless youre looking to specifically maximize the dmg you can do for certain content then sacrifices will need to be made.

Mid Tier:
-Right heavy with some middle stuff to get to the call of elements and A/G end caps, earth shield buffs, and totem buffs. Earthbind or WR totem for those certain affixes in m+ if/when when a tank needs to kite.

Purge is big and it’s just fun to remove enemy debuffs.

-Extra Stream charge here is nice ( you get a 2nd one in the resto tree ) especially since using it buffs ST healing ( has some synergy with call of elements that way too and another talent to lower the CD, also a talent to buff duration )

-Nature’s Swiftness is a nice thing to see again - lets me fit more into cloudburst combos maybe or just pop it for a quick tank Heal. I might rethink if on the gcd.

-Ancestral guidance coming back makes me want to try to get them big cloudburst combos again. Hoping A/G is off the GCD or feels good to use with things like CBT/Ascendance, etc. A/G could still be useful to combo with things like HTT and Ascendance though.

Trade offs: the crit, reinc buffs/10% health, and some mobility that go into the left side. Prob will want to pick these up for m+ later on when I can make a more dungeon focused build.

Final Tier/Endcaps:
Can pretty much get all 3 endcaps. Might end up being too much to manage at once but might be fun.

In all a more engaging class talent tree than what my holy priest is seeing. Will most likely look for ways I can swap underperforming healing talents to the dps type talents to help finish encounters faster.

Will do the Resto spec tree portion shortly. This was just the class portion in regards to healing.

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Basically a base I’ll be using based on the current trees.
Pretty heavily focused on PvP and ST priority damage.
Overall, I like the Enhance tree, it has a pretty good balance of competitive choices to choose from.

Concerned that Flurry and MW are in the general tree though. They should just be baselined to enhancement exclusively, and something else should be put in their place.
Ele will never realistically be in a range to use them, and resto won’t get enough value to warrant taking them either.


While I agree, they’re up top because they can be used while leveling. Maybe an ele shaman wants a mix of range and melee.

My build will be switching to holy priest. Resto shamans with primordial wave instead of chain harvest will be bottom tier and not brought to CE raids

I’m going similar but I’m not taking ascendance.

I’ll go Prim Wave for the instant 10 maelstrom weapon stacks and 30% haste buff when I fire off a 10maelstrom point chain lighting at 5 different targets every 45 seconds.

This prim wave hate is hilarious. Its far superior to Lame Harvest.

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Something similar to this.

Arena build only.

Left tree will highly depend on what you’re fighting. This is more of a I don’t wanna die in a stun build. Tons of float points that can either go into totems, spirit walk, or call of the elements.

Right tree highly depends on pace of game and tuning. First build is more of a EQ, SK, ES, burst build.

Second build is more of a rot spec with a little more durability due to primordial bond and a higher uptime on fire ele. Burst is FS, LB, ES, LB, ES.

This is my build focusing on arena and duels only, a lot on demand damage every 1min/45s. Good pressure with wolves and LOTFW and good Healing with NS. I can spec into cleanse and others things if needed but I’m loving this tree so far :smiley:

It’s to early sure they be changed and if I really wanna get serious in df do like I always did follow what the smarter people tell me like most people do

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I understand wanting CHarvest but this statement is just ridiculous lmao. RWF? Tossup. CE in general? Any spec can do that.
Edit: Don’t get me wrong though, Charvest does make more sense for Resto than Pwave.


The elemental tree looks pretty solid, although for enhancement I wish they would swap Ascendance and Pwave and their respective empowering nodes - as Asc makes much more sense w/ a DW/WF build (left side) and PWave with the FS-spread/hot hands/PLA etc builds (right side).

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PWave was top tier for resto until 9.2 when they added the 2nd legendary.

Chain Harvest is just a laughably easy spell that requires zero thought to use.

You aren’t exactly a CE raider so it won’t matter.


I’m not going to stray too far from the topic of the original thread here but: it’s all subjective anyway. I hear groans about the playstyle pwave encourages for resto vs chain harvest or even vesper (as small or large as those variances may even be).

I would also argue that a spell being “easy to use” or not does not make it more or less worthy of continuing on into DF. At face value, all of the covenant abilities are “easy to use” imo.

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I understand your point. Given your achievements I can see your vantage on it all being easy. My point is more to how the abilities have interacted with the class from my own experiences. Given how Prim Wave (NW in SL) has performed in 9.2 and the fact they’re moving most of that over I’d say its the clear choice for shaman in DF.

Choosing a covenant ability is akin to choosing your favorite child it appears…

Single Target




For now at least.

Spoilers Waits for someone to point out I didn't take something specific
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Made a resto raid build :3

I wonder if Call of the Elements can refund both stream totem charges at once, if so we might be able to get 4 HST up at once xD Lots of HST buffs too to duration and healing power.

P wave → NS → HW for cleave, add AG before for all them green numbers.

Now to make a m+ one!

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Its primary purpose will be to get 25 seconds straight of windrush totem.

This is the law.


Gotta go fast! :racing_car:

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obviously super rough draft, there’s a TON of good options
but if the game pacing/meta is anything like it is right now i think this is a good general spread

swapping out things based on scenario

if pacing is anything like shadowlands s1 though i’ll probably find a way to invest in the two ascendance modifiers

you could send elemental spirits until you get 1-2 lightning wolves and structure a go around it
doomwinds + lightning wolf + ascendance + free off global lightning bolts while spamming windstrike
that could easily be the strongest burst window in the entire game

on top of that ASSUMING frostwitch works with the free offglobal lightning bolts from spending maelstrom? (it should) then your ascend/doomwinds window gets 2x stronger because windstrike would functionally have 0 cooldown

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