What's your old retail servers?

I had several:
Thunderhorn Horde in Classic

Proudmoore Alliance (the old Australian server, g’day mates!)
^ that’s the one I played from Wrath to BfA

Uldum Alliance (didn’t raid)

Arathor Alliance (spent a lot of time on this one)

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I was on Turalyon from vanilla through Most of BC, then split time between Misha and Cenarion Circle through Cataclysm. Always alliance.

Gilneas, Eitrigg, Ursin, and then Fizzcrank.

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Played on Draka from Vanilla to current retail using the same character name (plus many others).

What he said, but also Dark Iron.

Gilneas (Horde), Grizzly Hills (Alliance)

quit around WOTLK

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Did you happen to be an orc warrior on Gilneas? If so what was your name?

Shandris 4 lyfe. I briefly went to another server towards the end of Cata to continue raiding after my beloved guild broke up at the start of Firelands, but nearly all my time was spent on Shandris. Kakarotto was my warrior tank during BC, and Sausagefan was my priest for the rest of my raiding days.

I was a hunter on Suramar, Dain (alliance at the time)

Miss world pvp at XR, lotta guilds too like Nameless Legends, Midnight, No Quarter etc

Icecrown here. Bit on Perenolde but on only much later after everybody left.

Guild still extant I think too. Used to refresh guild master status but wasn’t worth the money.

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Kilrogg, Uldum, and Gilneas. All Alliance side.

Misha through wotlk

Hiya Dain, remember you running around back then. Suramar was my home as well hunter ofc as well under this name and a priest Bralanna. Recreated both here and have a few friends that are here as well from our Aeon days.

I was on Khaz Modan back in the day. Undead Priest Lochop

Feathermoon in vanilla til about mid TBC then Echo Isles til panda land which i quit at lol

Kilrogg and Staghelm , both on Alliance.