What's the point of BMAH feature? - Trading post feature

Now that a new feature is being introduced for removed / promotional content, Can Devs review the BMAH?

This feature keeps being added to new expansions but the rotation and items has been almost the same for several expansions.

There’s armor pieces like Necks that can’t be tmogs, there’s items from the argent tournament that almost nobody bid.

It seems like an outdated feature and it could be improved, there’s already request for some items from BMAH for this new trading post.

So, which feature will prevail? Or the BMAH will be something like the Void Storage and the TCG, promotional, store items will be added just to the trading post.

So, far this new feature sounds like a big W, it’ll provide content that even Ion mentioned during a couple of interviews that impacts goals like Mount achievements.

I’m glad about it and looking forward for the content in there, but I’d like to see something done about the BMAH items.

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This is the new BMAH.


I’m gonna laugh if they put T3 in the trading post.

They should do it, but the forum explosion would be entertainment for days.


Just playing the game to get transmog/mounts is better than BMAH.

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just wait till long boy hit then fire works

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Personally, I’d like it if they maintained both with a shared loot pool. That’d open up the removed/extremely rare items up for more players and the Scrooge McDucks of WoW could still just throw gold cap at an item on the BMAH if they wanted.

Sounds like a win/win to me.


That’s nothing, imagine if they put the Brutosaur mount in there? This place would go supernova!