What's the most fun you've had playing wow?

The Rogue Legion Class Hall quest (along with the Assassin Rogue weapon quest) has to be one of the most fun things I’ve done in WoW. You really felt, as a Rogue, like part of the story of Legion.


quel danas back in the day was the most fun i ever had


After completing the Guardian and Protadin Mage Towers back in Legion, I decided to try VDH because why not. And I saw how easy it was with double jump and glide, and got it in a few shots, and then I thought “you love Brewmaster, why not …”

I dunno what it was about the Nighthold brewmaster 2pc…but man…I almost got it first try, died because I was laughing at how easier it felt than Guardian or Protadin, so I got punted off the platform by laser beams. And it just taught me that foreknowledge of a fight is really invaluable.

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My first time in Mechagon was the most delirious fun I’ve had in WoW. The intro quests, all the different activities, the steampunk robot aesthetic.

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My most in-game fun was the 60 twink community during original Wrath. There was just something special about it, then XP was added 3.2.0…and then I only managed 2-ish XP-off AVs in like 2 weeks, so I started to play the dangerous game of “exist before wins” etc, playing a little too close to the sun and level out on Phara and a priest. Kept some others that are still at “60” (aka 25), but it was never the same later on.

Besides that, playing battlegrounds with close friends in Vanilla through WotLK was so much fun too.

Besides those older fun times, I have very much enjoyed making GIFs these last couple of expansions. And, I owe that impetus to Lovefool and the want to keep doing it to those who enjoy them and kept me driven to make them. I don’t do nearly as many now for various reasons, but I do still like making them.

Your first one was the first request I did, and it was number 49 (out of 450 now as of today) back in Dec '21. I don’t know if it was the hardest I had done at that time (probably was), but it was challenging for me at that very novice skill level (and it was pretty bad with some terrible chroma keying, but I tried and was about the best I could do at the time…plus it has Celebrate in it too, which is always nice). I did get better since then.

Battlemaster gif

And, though Cindylou’s roller-skating birthday GIF and my WoW MK1 Pit fatality GIF are my absolute favorites of the ones I made, I also really had fun with the “Battlemaster Splits Gnome in Battle for Gilneas” one too, with it being probably my 3rd favorite.

Battlemaster Instagibs Gnome Warlock in Battle for Gilneas

Again, I thank anyone and everyone who have inspired, liked, chuckled at, or at just watched any of the GIFs I've made in the past almost 3 years (Sept 10 '20) since I first made a WoW-related GIF for the forums; making them and hopefully slightly improving someone's day makes my days more okay.

a wild pharazon gif appears


Two times were the most fun for me:

1, Raiding Molten Core when it was current
2. in November 2005 I rerolled on a different server, once I hit 60 I joined a guild that ran 5 mans every night: BRD, Dire Maul (all wings), both sides of Strat, Scholo it was a lot of fun and I got a lot of great gear for when I started raiding MC

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Almost all of my AVs were done at 60 in wrath, what battlegroup were you on? I was on Emberstorm


Probably the night I got the Kingslayer title on my hpal. It was a random pug and I think they were removing the title at the time or something its been so long, but anyways. We were on like try 7 or 8 and just so damn close every time so gave it another shot and it was down to the tank, druid and myself and we ended up getting him down. All 3 of us were in like perfect harmony throwing heals, dps, cooldowns. Voice chat was silent just watchinf us no one was screaming or shouting what to do it was like you could feel we were going to pull it off somehow. Felt like it was 15 minutes im sure it was like 4 or somethinf like that lol. Got him down everyone was shouting. Coolest feeling ever, didnt even look at the loot i just passed on everything sitting there shaking watching the cut scene lol.


When some of my irl friends used to play. They stopped playing for various reasons not long after wolk ended. Make my own fun in this game nowadays.


The day I got the “Crazy Cat Lady” title. Mythic Raiding is a cakewalk compared to what it takes to get that title.

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For me it was during MoP, due to many factors, but TL;DR - PvPing alongside my brother when we were younger.

  1. Was younger, my brother was playing with me, didn’t feel as guilty spending time on the game
  2. I got a job that I loved that year and I felt very accomplished IRL
  3. MoP expansion was very fun, class design wise and art style wise
  4. I rerolled from my foreign language EU client to US client and had to start fresh, which renewed the game for me
  5. My brother soon re-rolled with me and we had tons of fun doing random BGs, a lot of times in 5 mans using cross realm groups which was a novelty back then.
  6. While cross-realm was still a thing, locality of a realm was also a thing and me and my brother would always do world PvP
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Stormwind and Ironforge world PvP in Wrath.

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Was a lot of fun. Imo they should have had a random invasion happen in Ek, and Kalimdor the while that expansion was current. Same with BFA faction assaults. Heck even have Fryakk attack just outside Stormwind, and Org occasionally would have been cool. Heck left my low level Tauren druid camped at the Crossroads waiting on that demon to spawn lol. Was great breaking off from doing the same ole boring quests in the Barrens to go and kill that demon boss. Good xp to.


Theres tons to choose from, however some notable memories:

**Mudhole stomping alliance for -hours- in Av
**Raiding with buddies
**Making irl friends with in game ones

Id say that most consistently, obtaining awesome transmog has been likely my happiest times. Raiding for Tusks, Challenge Modes, grinding honor–all took tons of prep and research and time. All worth it to look this good. :slight_smile:

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  • Legion pre-patch.
  • Dragonflight pre-patch.
  • Dragonflight overall has been a blast due to all of the open world group scenarios like Time Rifts, Researchers Under Fire, Fyrakk assaults, etc.

And The Kalimdor Cup has been spectacular. I’ve had so much more fun than I expected!


Probably those limited few times where “I’m done with this stupid game” takes over and I don’t play for a few seasons. (I come back every time).

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Learning the strategies of random BGs when I knew absolutely nothing and running them with a small group of friends

And then that moment when you kill the FC inches from capping all by yourself!

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~90% on Vengeance, though I occasionally played my original two 60s that I had abandoned in '06 when I swapped servers, and I believe that was the Whirlwind battlegroup.


Wintergrasp fishing daily quest griefing. It was always fun to start a little war when everyone was just trying to get the fishing quest completed and get the heck out of there. Lay in wait with my elesham on top of a pillar and blast the unsuspecting. They’d invite their friends, I’d invite mine, others there would get dragged into it all and then a tiny war would ensue.

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Let’s see…

  1. Legion Pre-Patch
  2. WOTLK Classic Pre-Patch
  3. Trial of Style
  4. N’zoth LFR (Actually deserves to be no.1)
  5. Call of the Scarab
  6. Kalimdor Cup
  7. BFA Mythic+
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