Whats the etiquette for dungeons?

Hello all, Im about to do my first dungeon (One in the ruby shores or something like that) Im a ffxiv player so I dont know how similar dungeon etiquette is, how does obtaining gear work? Are people generally okay with me making mistakes? I admit im a bit nervous about getting flamed. Would it be better to find some people to help me or could I just queue up for it

Welcome to WoW! I hope you’ll find Azeroth as fun as Eorzea. :slight_smile:

There are about a million things to be learned about dungeons in WoW. As an FF player, a whole lot carries over. I mentored an FFXIV player trying WoW once, and he was great in dungeons from day one.

The first thing that you will likely find different is the speed, or perhaps I should say the rushing. Especially in Normal dungeons used for levelling, which is where you will be, people don’t stop for anything. Not traffic lights, not cutscenes, and as far as I can tell not even power outages. :stuck_out_tongue: During any given second, you will be either fighting ot running, or - in the case of melee like you - both at the same time. Assume that everyone will act like their hair is on fire throughout. I never tried FF, but from what I have seen and heard, the impatience there is not quite so pronounced. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty much, everyone is rushing so much that while lots of mistakes will be made, nobody is going to care much, or stop to flame you, in a levelling dungeon. Unless you get really unlucky, you’ll likely emerge wondering what just happened in the last 20 minutes. :rofl:

With that in mind, the main piece of advice I would give you is to stay 5-10 yards behind the Tank at all times. No excuses, no exceptions. The one Unforgivable Sin is to fall behind the party. While fighting a boss, of course, you will need to move in and maybe away to dodge some bad, but otherwise your place is on the Tank’s shoulder.

On your first dungeons I would advise you not to stop to try to loot trash mobs. It will slow you down, and then you will get flustered trying to catch up. And they don’t drop anything worth having anyhow.

This is particularly relevant to a DK. A DK is like the Big Bad at the end of the horror movie who just keeps walking steadily after the sprinting hero(ine), somehow always catching up in the end. You have very limited to no speed-ups. You might consider taking Wraith Walk[*] as a talent, since while it’s not great, it’s about the only speed-up you’ve got.

The rest is all good news. You are pretty tanky, and your Death Strike is a heal you can use while in combat, so you are less likely to get dead than most other classes. Personally, I always carry a few Healing Potions. If you grab a few Refreshing Healing Potions at your friendly local Auction House and put them on your action bar ready for use, one might save you from a bit of embarrassment.

The other main thing you need to know, which you probably already do, is never, never pull anything that the tank has not already attacked.

So, your big two rules:

  1. Stay 5-10 yards behind the Tank at all times
  2. Avoid pulling any mob unless the Tank is already fighting that mob

At level 63, there are quite a few (six?) Dragonflight dungeons that you might be dropped into if you queue for a Random dungeon. More than you will be able to read up on and learn.

When you queue, you CAN choose to do a Specific Dungeon by clicking on the dropdown on top that defaults to Random, and then ticking the Dungeon you want to do. If you are apprehendive, you can choose one of them, read up on it, watch a YouTube explaining it, and then queue for that, knowing what you are getting into. Your queue time will be significantly longer queueing specific, though.

Some of the dungeons have less than intuitive mechanics on some bosses (looking at you, Nokhud Offensive! :stuck_out_tongue: ) and not knowing what is going on and why everybody is running in different diirections can be confusing.

Compared to FF, WoW expects heavy use of the sites



YouTube - if it’s in WoW, it’s on YT somewhere.

to learn things about the game, including dungeon mechanics. You can look up dungeon mechanics in your Dungeon Journal/Adventure Guide, that you will find on the right on your bottom bar, but those are onlythe sketchiest outlines, and never make any sense to me until I’ve already seen then in action.

There are addons that do help. Addons are much. much, more a thing on WoW than on FF. The addon Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) or its alternatives BigWigs (for raids) + LittleWigs (for dungeons) will give you visible and audible warnings about boss mechanics. Addons are available on Curseforge

Oh, one more thing. At the end of the dungeon, you can leave by right-clicking your portrait and choosing Leave Group. That will teleport you out to where you were when you queued. Your Hearthstone will also work.

Afterword: I seem to have written half a textbook, but these really are just the most critical things to know.

I hope this helps, and I hope other people make suggestions, and I hope you have a great first dungeon experience! :+1:


[*] I had originally typed Dreamwalk for some strange reason. My mind’s going! Anyway, Wraith Walk is what I meant.


youre insane for typing all of this, thank you SO much, i will defo consult this daily

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Oh, this’ll last you about two dungeons! :rofl:

It’ll be time to learn more Real Soon™. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want something to refer back to, bookmark the sites I linked above, and this:

It’s out of date in that it doesn’t cover Chromie Time and new Dragonflight features like Dragonriding, but it’s an amazing compendium of What a Wow Beginner Needs To Know.

It’s massively long, but broken up into ~1 min segments you can access from the Timestamps in the comment.

It’s amazing - the best I’ve ever seen! But didn’t get the attention it deserves. Blizzard really should hire this guy to make an updated version for Dragonflight. It does have a section on dungeons, but focuses more on Mythics, which are above your pay grade at the moment. :slight_smile: