What's everyone's favorite heritage armor?

Tauren > everything else.

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just saw it and yeah, its real weird.

Why is it grey instead of red?

and what the hell is going on with that human helm? Looks like one of those long nosed dogs in a way.

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I do like all of them at the very least. Mag’har is probably my fav. But lightforged, dwarf, tauren, highmountain. They’re all pretty fantastic as well.

Zandalari Troll.

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mag’har is the best

Let’s wait and see.

Horde: Tauren

Alliance: Dark Iron

I thought orc was cool.

Nightborne is kinda rad. Lightforged is super rad. Dark iron is extremely rad.

Void elf is extremely not rad.

Dark Iron

Dogs are our heritage, okay? :sob:

Void Elf is still my fav.

Wings! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Kul Tiran and gnome.

Goblin is my favorite, then KT and Tauren.
Nightborne and belf are my least favorite.

Void elf and vulpera are easily the best.

I mean, the allied race ones, yes.

The classic race heritage armors just require you to be exalted with their home reputation and to do a questline. Doesn’t matter if you boosted, race changed, or leveled them a decade ago!

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Belf. I’d say velf but I don’t like the pants and I wish the void wings were a back piece and not part of the chest piece.

I’ve never played a blood elf not even in BC… but they have the best armor and its been tempting me.

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