What's Better A Gun Or A Bow?

Was wondering what ranged weapon hunters prefer to use and why? Is there a difference or edge for one vs. the other?

Depends on stats, and which tier of weapon you are chasing or using.

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Depends on the speed and stats. You want as close to 3.0 as you can.


Bows are better. Guns make an annoying sound when shot. Bows are silent. Bows are so wonderfully silent.




my gun spec hunter made it to level 30 something. i never want to hear that sound again

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Click click



Trolls have +5 to bow skill, and dwarves have +5 to guns. Most (or all?) of the high-level endgame ranged weapons are bows and crossbows, if that matters to you.


right now endgame, hunter quest bow, in BWL u wanna get the crossbow of smiting i think its called. and thats bis till naxx almost?

In vanilla there was a way to change that sound to a bow sound, it was easy to do actually. Look it up on Google.

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The gunshot sound grates on my nerves, so I won’t use them. I stick to bow or crossbow.

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There was a way in Vanilla to go into the files & change displayed models also, but Blizzard patched it out of the game at some point. I loved being able to replace my oversized, camera-clipping Voidwalker on my Warlock with a little Murloc or whatever I wanted. I also had some crazy Hunter pet models, lol.

I prefer bows.

Bows are quieter than guns!


I’ve been making guns in the level 30-40 range and I can’t sell them. The mats cost 6+ gold to make each of them and I can’t even sell them for 3-4 gold. They just come back over and over again and the AH tax on them is horrible. Its just a losing venture except for the engineering skillups.

I’ve never seen 2nd amendment riots over bows…


If you’re a troll bow, otherwise whatever weapon is better.

I have 2 hunter characters in Classic:

  • bow Troll Horde (at 40)
  • gun Dwarf Alliance (at 33)

So I don’t know 60 endgame, but here’s what i’ve noticed:

There are many more leveling Bows than Guns. All the website guides (icy-veins, wowhead) list all the good leveling bows, but not the guns. For bows I could plan ahead, get the quests that rewarded the best bows. Not so for guns.

In retail WoW, I found the loud gun noise too annoying and chose bow. So far in Classic I don’t mind it. But some players do.

Engineers can craft the best bullets at each level. But (in classic) they can’t craft arrows. Leatherworkers can craft special bags (dps bonus) for both.

My gun dwarf has a lot more trouble with aggro. I have to be careful not to shoot steadily or the hunter gets aggro, every single mob my level or higher. It’s much easier with a bow. So maybe bows do less damage.

I’m for bows, personally; since you asked.

If only there were better gun choices the best in slot are either bows or crossbows