What're you here for? Keys? AotC? Mythic Raiding? Green Text?

We’re recruiting for all of it.

Sup Garrosh. Let’s talk.

<.Same Plan Less Dying.> is a social, progression guild currently 3/8 mythic. We’re a group of friends with some players who have been together for years and looking forward to going for many more. ^.^

If you’re looking for a friendly group that likes to kill all the things, let’s chat!
/who Same Plan at any point, you’ll see people online, doing things, actually talking :gasp: Our discord is forever active and new faces are always welcome.

Currently recruiting skilled DPS for our mythic raid team.
Recruiting DPS and Heals for our AotC farm team.
Recruiting any roles for mythic plus (all skill levels welcome)
and anyone else that simply wants some fun green chat because Azeroth can get lonely, y’all.

PM anyone in guild for info, comment below, or add me on b-net @ Saxx#1747 and let’s get something going.

Mythic Raids Tues 8-11pm EST
AotC clears Thurs 8-11pm EST
Mythic+ all. the. time.
Achievement nights on demand.

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