What WoW really needs

I think WoW is long due for an HD update on the old content at least from Classic to Burning crusade. We are constantly getting New zones and they look amazing! Going back to the previous world feels kind of sad and breaks immersion. Speaking of breaking immersion just a little two cents, but, ever since cataclysm, the zones feel less like zones and more like levels. Everything is so condensed its apparent when you fly over them. Now back to the main topic, It would be a blessing to see a lot of our classic armor and weapons to receive an HD update so people can want to make the old content relevant by mog farming.


I think they were updated once when Cata happened. Well the Azeroth portion anyway.

go back and look at the models and you tell me if those are “updated” to you. come on dont try to justify blizzard’s outdated models. You are down playing the cause.

Honestly, my pet theory about BFA is that a lot of it was to set the groundwork for gradual world revisions.
Between all the new zones and dungeons in BFA, we conveniently got high res versions of textures applicable to almost every single biome and plant type in the game, as well as updated building, war machine, etc art assets.

I think the original intention with Warfronts was exactly this, to use it as a process of slowly updating zones one at a time, but Warfronts turned out to be very unpopular with the community, so the focus on them went away.

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