What Will the Zones in Midnight Be?

Genuinely curious what you guys think about this? Ion said (I think in the Preach interview?) that TWW, Midnight and Last Titan will each have four zones to start out with.

With that established, what four zones could they make out of Quel’thalas? I figure one is Eversong Woods + Isle of Quel’danas + restored Ghostlands, and another is Zul’aman. Maybe the third one is the so-called Northeron area that we haven’t seen? What else do you guys think/want to see be the zones in this expansion?

(Mostly thinking Quel’danas won’t be its own zone cus it’d be too thematically similar to Eversong, which would be a bit repetitive with four zones, albeit big ones)

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Personally I’m hoping Eversong has root bridges and reminds me of the Emerald Dream and Ardenweald…

Eversong, Ghostlands, Zul’Aman, and Quel’Danas are safe bets, and probably in that order. Northeron and old world Quel’thalas (sic) were decoupled years ago, so I’d be surprised if that relic of ancient game code finds itself integrated into Neo Eversong, let alone carries its own zone. Although it was briefly linked to void elf recruitment on the PTR once upon a time, so who knows.

Depends what the vibe is. The expansion’s crux is the Void’s attempt to corrupt the Sunwell, so the isle is a natural playground for truly wild Void vs Light aesthetics that probably won’t be overly apparent in Eversong.

The raids/dungeons will also be interesting. Three obvious ones spring to mind (Zul’Aman 3, Sunwell Plateau 2, Deatholme shenanigans), and I’m sure our Void antagonists will contribute one or two more, but it’s hard to guess at context this early. Maybe Xal will hook the Wretched up with new purple drugs and those guys will staff a dungeon.


I’ve never heard on that. I just know that they will be revamping the areas mentioned in the expansions.

I honestly think a Northern Lordaeron revamp is happening, alongside Quel’thalas. The retaking of Gilneas that will happen in 10.2.5 will allow for Gilneas to set up as a proper main city for the Alliance in Midnight, while the Forsaken will have the Undercity cleansed of the plague or have converted the Ruins of Lorderon into a more proper capital.


i personally can’t wait for the night elf zone in Quel’Thalas.

Maybe. I could see Gilneas and the Ruins of Lordaeron / Undercity be similar to the WoD capitals we ended up getting. Where they are separate from the main locations we do world content in. Although how to convey that visually on the map for Midnight… Unless they have them floating around like other zones such as Argus, Zeralek Caverns etc. Or not at all and have them be like Orgrimmar and Stormwind were for Cata.

I am also wondering what will happen to the TBC & Cata (Zul’Aman only) versions of Quel’thalas. Will they be completely removed? Or would they stay and have an alternative method of reaching them.

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Perhaps in that scenario they would have a bronze dragon within Gilneas or Ruins of Lorderon/Undercity that can trigger Midnight Quel’thalas or BC Quel’thalas?


Eversong Woods and the Ghostlands are very obvious. Quel’Danas has a strong probability as well.

Maybe the Maisara Hills? That’d be east of Eversong and the Ghostlands, north of Zul’Aman.

I could see the Maisara Hills and Zul’aman be a Surumar scenario. Where you have the city, but also the outskirts in the same zone.


Well it’s already separated from the rest of the game world by a loading screen. They could just keep that gateway there for players to go through in order to get to the old version.


I am quite curious how they could link the new Quel’thalas to the eastern kingdoms. It will be like trying to stick the dragon isles on in scale.

The isle of Quel’Danas is zone worthy, as are Eversong and the Ghostlands. The Maisara Hills would work, or they could expand Zul’aman to the sort of scales we saw with old Zul’Drak where is is one giant city-zone.

I am wondering if Windrunner Spire and its village might be the Alliance base of operations in Quel’thalas, given all the windrunners are either in hell or on the Alliance.


Ghostlands has the potential to be a wild zone. We know that the undead are still active there, even in Shadowlands. If the void army invades, we have the potential to see a three way war between us, the void, and the remaining Scourge(a four way if the nearby Amani still want to pick fights).

I remember in the Loyalist end scene for BfA, you could see the Night Elves in the background. Camera hoggin kaldorei. Taking up the screen, cheesing it up for the cameras. They are already there, in some force.

They will probably help the Blood Elves with their tree issue, because lord knows if a tree is involved, the Night Elves better have a say.

I guess if it is an Elf expac, they should have some involvement. Though, Blizzard Devs never seem to consider giving the Horde reasons for involvement - we basically show up in Alliance stories and work for them. I doubt Blizzard would give their precious kaldorei that indignity, of helping Horde folks in their land and just being around.

Even the ending of MoP, Tyrande gets to say to Voljin: “We aren’t here for you, Troll. We are here for Kalimdor!” She makes it clear the Night Elves aren’t there to help the Horde, they are there for Kalimdor. They have their own reasons, we hear their reasons from their leader at the gates of Orgrimmar.

idk but it should start with zul
trolls will reclaim it

I expect either

-Ghostlands, Eversong, Zul’Aman, Quel’Danas
-or Eversong+Ghostlands combined, Zul’Aman, Quel’Danas, and then they’ll do something with that scrapped elven area northeast of Tirisfal

Either way I feel like they’ll have to remake the zones from the ground up rather than a Cata-style rework of the existing maps, to accommodate how fast dynamic flight moves.

Pretty much this, except that I don’t think the Ghostlands will be restored. How I see the zone flow going, we enter through Ghostlands, go to Eversong, establish SMC as faction neutral city, go to Zul’Aman, then go to Isle of Quel’danas with the Voidwell being a raid. Northeron is then the 12.1 zone.

They have to stay in the game because of the Blood Elf starting zone. I’m wondering how the Midnight continent will show on the map. Maybe perhaps Quel’Thalas will split from the Eastern Kingdoms as an island via a San Andreas fault Californian style and can click on it separately through the world map that way. Can’t just have players hit an invisible wall these days when flying to the edge of the continent, having the entire continent surrounded by water is the most immersive way to fix that.