What was your vanilla realm?

(Jdpp) #77

me too



First Dalaran, then the Maelstrom when the RPPVP servers came out.


I played on Azgalor Alliance.


I live on the East Coast and started on Dark Iron because a West Coast schedule matched with my work schedule perfectly.

When that was no longer the case, I moved to Balnazzar until the realm died during our T5 progression efforts and we couldn’t find recruits anymore.

(Fookí) #81

my very first was a NE hunter named Fooki on Demon Soul. i gave horde a try after getting to 40 with a troll hunter named Lûçîfêr on Bonechewer, where i moved on to Dragonmaw and stayed for years, making other various toons and eventually maining a resto/ele troll shaman named Lûçîfër. this lock i main now was my first BE toon, named Xì.

(Kaivax) #84

Frostwolf (US) PvP

Long live Rommi.

(Noleafclover) #85

Thunderlag (US) PvP
Whoops meant Thunderlord

(Erixi) #86

The same as my current realm: Argent Dawn (US) RP server, East Coast.

Was a bit laggy for a bit, but I live in MDT and everyone was also experiencing lag. Joined with some great folks and I miss being on an RP server :frowning:


Mine was spirestone! i will never forget:) FOR THE HORDE


Dalaran US.

Still there after all these years. Been with my current guild since Wrath.

(Superfluke) #89

Day one was Garona, but I had the most fun switching to horde on Ysera server.

(Saosao) #90

Feathermoon and still here.


Garithos, Bill for Prez!

(Sidvishious) #92


Started as a Paladin because my friends were Aliance there. Raided up through AQ40, then the guild kind if fell apart after they offered us server transfers and like 1/2 of us took it. Switched to horde shortly after that and been playing this rogue ever since!

(Ava) #93

Alleria was the place to be in Classic - Risen was a world competitive guild on the Alliance side. The makers of CTRaid were on Horde and were some of the coolest group of people testing out new theorycrafting and strats. So I played both. That said, I’ve been on Alleria since day 1, because good luck getting the name Ava on a server that isn’t brand new.


Finally stuck to forgotten coast when it was released ally side. Had the unstoppable force on my warrior and wrecked face.

(Malvalen) #95

I started on Maelstrom Horde, but quickly ended up on Whisperwind Alliance on a new character after I realized I hated PvP realms.

(Gõozer) #96

Azjol-Nerub, then x-fer to Norgannon


Elune Horde side to start with and then switched to Dethecus Alliance near the last half.


My time on WoW has been…varied, to say the least. My cousins, brother, and friend kept on moving between servers so there’s really only one server I stayed on for an extended period of time.

If I remember right, and I might not, the server order was:

Crushridge -> Kul’Tiras -> Turalyon -> One character on Ghostlands to play with a different friend from time to time -> Aggramar, where I’ve since stayed, with a side of Fizzcrank since it’s linked to Aggramar.

I think that’s right, might not be. So to answer the thread title, Crushridge was my first server back in Vanilla, if I remember right.