What was your vanilla realm?

Sentinels horde, late 2006. Made 60 before TBC though.

I’ve been playing on Mok’nathal since early weath. Before that I was ally on Terenas but never made it to endgame there.

I saw 0 Mok’nathal love so I figured I’d post.

Day 1
Mountain time zone selected
Debated RP, PvE, or PvP
Decided PvP is the most realistic
Chose: Kel’thuzad (US)

I’ve also played on Malone, Terokkar, Stormrage (?), and currently Cenarion Circle.

On launch day my friends and I chose to play on Illidan but due to how the launch panned out a few of us ended up playing on Burning Blade. I also had an alliance character on Shattered Hand (not level 60).

I was on Kael’thas and I remember seeing your Rogue’s name. Reason was the best guild on the server at that time. How’s it doing these days?

I’d love to see it.


Argent Dawn Alliance Side, was in the guild as a social for years, great group of people, I remember people like “Venrok” known as the mayor of Goldshire, and an Orc hunter who could take on 5+ people at a time outside the tram in Stormwind, can’t remember his name but it had “green” in the name I think, he was extremely chill.

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When I got the game, I spent an hour or so deciding on a name and how to look. I checked with my friends to see what server they’d be on. So…

http :// warcraftrealms. com/ charsheet /462523

On a related note, I’ve never had any sympathy for people who complain about the cost of faction transfers or realm transfers.

Remove the spaces from the URL. I’m not awesome enough for a link.

Stormreaver was my first Vanilla realm, Dalvyngyr ended up being my refugee realm I rerolled on. Alliance warrior, both realms.


Sargeras was the realm I originally picked in Vanilla in 05. Never felt the need to reroll elsewhere. Several top Horde guilds went to Detheroc when xfers opened up but the Ally side grew into one of the megaservers over time

Garona. Tinybaby, Garona still hates you and what you did to the economy.



Archimonde-US for Horde
Frostwolf-US for Alliance (from ZG patch+)

Vanilla frostwolf > every other server. I think we’re the only server that had a mascot! Rommi is a legend.

Oh man, the days of getting jumped in black rock mountain by Idontpk or Subtle. That server really had the best community. Good to see some of the old server still around and playing. Hope to see more of us when classic hits.


Kel`thuzad, played on there until realm changes became available and my friend moved to Terenas where I am now.

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Frostwolf to Frostmane. That’s when I came across “GROOVESTREET” and “Goon Squad” Pvp guilds. Man, at that time I had to be on my toes when it came down to PVPing.


Bleeding Hollow

Arthas - US

Dubious - NE War
Ascended guild

The Burning Legion!!!

Feathermoonie though it feels so empty these days.