What was N'zoth really trying to do?

Looking at all the Shadowlands lore information we have so far, it seems all his whispers and riddles are coming true.

Such as; “The cunning ones kneel before six masters, but serve only one.” Presumably this is the Dreadlords, confirmed by that book.

The Void sees Death as the enemy of all. So do you think N’zoth had intentions beyond generic bad guy villainy?

Unfortunately the Twilight’s Hammer were mentioning Death as a gift so they were definitely working for the Dreadlords’ goals: The Hour of Twilight.

The Jailer wants the Hour of Twilight and through the Dreadlords’ infiltration of the Void had created the Twilight’s Hammer to bring about the End of all Things.

N’Zoth as he explained to Benedictus wants only his Black Empire restored but the Twilight’s Hammer will never allow that as they want only oblivion.

Furthermore N’Zoth was shown actively killing the World Soul in BfA(she only stopped dying when N’Zoth died) in order to deny the Jailer his prize instead of corrupting it like the Old Gods directly supervised by Dreadlords were doing.

Of course his Black Empire cannot tolerate Light(since Lothraxion is controlling it) and thus kills it’s followers and anyone else who defies him in his Horrific Visions.

N’Zoth is the kind of guy who is all “do not oppose me or you will die.”


He was trying to get players to forget about the faction conflict that Blizzard botched.



It was never explicitly mentioned iirc. At most there was a line that whoever Sylvanas serves, that one (possibly Jailer) want to achieve something that would be “end of all possibilities” from the Void’s perspective. And even that is a rather vague statement.

I mean, Xal’atath and N’Zoth pick a player character to be

Xal’atath says: Hear me, God of the Deep! I have brought you the Opener… the Bringer of Truths… the Torch That Lights the Way!

But I think we’ll only get in retrospective the actual understanding of why player characters have special connection to Azeroth and where is this interest from the Void coming from.

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not get eaten by Xalatath. duh

I think the void might have done it purposefully by allowing nzoth to be defeated. Waiting as death weakens and then the light weakens then poof the void will strike.

the old gods wanted all to be cursed in flesh.

locus walker doesn’t work for the old gods I don’t think. possibly the void lords but no in-game explanation can be understood yet. Ideally the old god line is dead finally. it’s old for me.

try something new. Shadowlands does this.

Fel creatures when they are killed in our “reality” get their souls to “plane of disorder” or whatever it is. Same with Xe’ra who “died” but seems like not really. And 3/4 Old Gods™.

From Twist the Knife quest:

Xal’atath says: Honor our bargain… free me to find my own fate!
N’Zoth says: Go… but the blade must remain… to serve my will.

Looks like it.

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The follower of the void believe in something like a thousand truths. Long and short of it, I assume they have plenty of back up plans/things they can use later to cause problems for the world.

I don’t think the void wanted nzoth to win maybe they wanted nzoth to lose on purpose to bring him back to the void

The “kicker” is funny part of this story, is that this is what Locus Walker says to Alleria. And while some consider him being a trust worthy source of information, there is an alternative opinion.

I know the naaru consider us horrors to be resisted. We do not share this view. They are merely beloved brethren that lost the true path. They will return to their masters… in time.
© Xal’atath in Netherlight Temple

It is no mere coincidence that our paths intersect, #name#. You were meant to find me. I was meant to find you.
© Xal’atath, The Tempest Crown quest

Here we are. Do not be afraid. This was always meant to be.
© Xal’atath, Twist the Knife quest

So, yeah. Probably there is more to this story than just believing Locus Walker and calling it a day.

Maybe. But we do not know where is the blade, so this complicates things. Since he might be somewhere nearby.

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