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Yeah I am looking forward to benchmarks as well.

I’m thinking of getting this for SL.

SAMSUNG T7 Portable SSD 1TB or 500GB

I’ve never ran a game off an external and have questions. My Laptop came with a 200GB SSD, but I have essential programs on it and cannot sacrifice the storage. So, external is my option for now.

  1. 540MB/s enough?
  2. Does it generate high temps? Like 40°C?
  3. In another post, Blizz insists it needs to be an internal. Anyone regularly use one on external? Any issues?
  4. Go for the 1TB?

You don’t have to worry about it.

WoW will run just fine on a standard HDD (I am a beta tester, I have the beta installed on a HDD, it runs fine). The only thing you gain by putting it on an SSD is reduced load times, because at the end of the day, storage is storage. The limit there is not speed, but capacity.

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Actually it isn’t, and yes, you actually do.

This will cut your loading times down by around 75%. You sign in, you hit “Enter World” and not only are you not staring at a grinding, stop-and-start loading bar, but when it’s done, the game is actually loaded.

You’re in, you’re up and running. You’re not standing around waiting for the game to get its pants on. No texture or asset pop in. No jerky, locked animations. No standing around while NPCs drool on themselves as you wait for dialog and menus to come up.

You click play, and you are playing. You are not waiting. The difference is stark, shocking, and easily the most valuable and worth-it upgrade you could possibly invest in. Once you’ve played on an SSD, you’re biggest regret will be having waited so long to do it.

This is NOT crap. This is the biggest favor you can do yourself. Blizzard kicking you in the butt to go out and do it is nothing compared to how much you'll be kicking yourself for having played on an HDD for so long.
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If you are getting m.2 make sure that it is NVME. Not SSD.

I bought a 1TB M.2 NVME for the PC I am using now. Best thing I ever bought.

If you gonna buy it dont get the tiny version buy the largest one to mid range. 250 fills up fast.

Id buy two. One to run your computer the other to run you game.

Samsung evo is the most reliable ones out there. Other brands has more problems and sometime dead nodes screwing up your files.

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I would suggest saving up an extra $25-$50 and spring for 500GB SSD or higher. You will fill up 250GB too quickly. You should also be looking to move windows onto the SSD.

NVME M.2 is “newer” tech - and I’m assuming if you don’t have an SSD at all your PC is probably pretty old and likely won’t support this without some type of adapter.

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You don’t really need an SSD. It is just a different type of storage that reads and writes much faster, so your computer will load things more quickly that you have stored on the SSD.

However, it is in your best interest to get one at least to put WoW on because your load times will drastically go down and quality of life while playing the game will increase dramatically. It’s also possible that load times will continue to get worse and worse down the line as more features and assets are added.

Personally I think it was smart of Blizzard to put it as a minimum requirement, because even though it’s not really a requirement it is practically a necessity if you do things like play Arena because of load times for Hook Point (if you don’t have an SSD you may load into the match as it starts or even afterward). Eventually there will be other areas that have this issue.

I think they should have left it in even through the complaints.

Hey guys ligthen up with flags, the op knows more than one language and is just asking a technical question.

Oh another thing if you do have an old computer i suggest getting one build but not a prefabricate one. There are several good companies that would build your computer to have you want but only.m charge like a hundred for the assembly.

Its the cheAper than the other companies but not as personalized if you build it yourself. I had build my 2010 rigged myself and it last me up until 2018 when there was that video card price hike due to data mining. I found a assembly company that did the above and it came out cheaper then building myself and how I’d wanted. Mainly that gid card hike. Those companies buy it in bulk and can sell it to you at cost.

So look into that.

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Is the m2 even worth it? Have 2 slots for them, but have friends who have bought them and pretty much told me they’re a waste in terms of performance for the $, that their SSD works just as well.

Do you people know how to shop? You can get a 500-ish GB SATA SSD for 45 bucks or less. Why are you pointing people who obviously don’t know what computer parts are to a 50 dollar 250gig SATA drive…at that point just spend another 50 and get a 1TB m.2 NVME drive.

You don’t need an ssd. It was confirmed by blizzard. All these posts on Google are gimmicks.

Depends on how fast you want things to load. A SSD will do the job just as good as M.2. It just depends on whether you want to spend the money on it or not. I had a SSD in my old PC for boot and now a M.2 for the one I am currently using and the M.2 load faster but it’s not the same degree as going from a HDD to a SSD noticeable.

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Source? post a link or something.

Probably end up grabbing a couple just for the space I’d save in my case tbh, putting in the last SSD was almost a nightmare lol