What Pet Dungeon will we see next?

So far we’ve had Wailing Caverns and Deadmines, and then Gnomeregan.
The first two were kind of the ‘starter’ dungeons.
Gnomeregan is kind of a content leap.

Will we go back and see one of these-
Shadowfang Keep, Blackfathom Deeps, Stormwind Stockades.

Or might we jump to something like
Razorfen Kraul/Downs, Maraudon, Dire Maul, Uldaman, Sunken Temple?

Some of the dungeons, like Stockades or Scarlet Monastery, might not ever be pet dungeons because the dungeon is almost all humanoids.

What do you think?

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I want to defeat a tiny Lich King, and I want an Arthas pet!


Stockades and scarlet monastery would be good for choices.

One of the Stratholmes would be cool.


Violet Hold would make for an easy addition as far as production goes I would imagine.
Portal opens up, pet comes out.
Battle, defeat, rinse and repeat.
Random bosses just like the actual dungeon

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How would a Horde player even get to the Stockades?

I’m not anxious for them to consider Ogrimmar for the same reason.

The Monastery would be nice, but only if Lillian Voss is included.

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Same way a Horde player does Seige of Boralus, give them their own entrance.

Stockades and Scarlet monastery though, there’d be nothing to battle in there with pets, the dungeons are only full of inmates and zealots.

Wheras somewhere like Blackfathom Deeps, there could be all sorts of murlocs, watery baddies etc.
or Uldaman, we haven’t seen any trogg pets yet.
Personally I think it will be one of these two next.

Heck, the same way Horde already get to the Gnomeregan pet dungeon; teleport straight to an NPC that will queue you up, no special entrance necessary.

A Stockades scenario could be interesting. Horde players fall into the shadowy figures’ trap, getting captured by the guards in Stormwind, and must pet battle to escape while Alliance players get framed and must acquire exculpatory evidence.

Mortimer Moloch, having assumed his twin brother Randolph’s identity following the riot he led, keeps his fellow inmates pacified under the condition that pet battling is tolerated as a prison sport. This pet trade kingpin and undefeated pet battling champion has pets smuggled in for those without collections of their own in the hopes of finding a worthy adversary.

I think the Stockades could easily be made as diverse as the Deadmines: rats, cockroaches, canal crabs, spiders, ghosts, prison food leftovers, offspring of Stormwind’s Sewer Beast, earth and fire elementals, Riverpaw gnoll runts, and unique pets used by the prison’s pet battle champions with one of Mortimer’s serving as the first time completion reward.

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I think Scholomance would be a good setting. Lots of undead and magical oddities.

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You have to get there the hard way the first time.

I wouldn’t be anxious to go traipsing through Ogrimmar, even if it is doing a Pet Dungeon. I would probably die a couple of times before I made it.

The problem with that is that the Siege of Boralus is a scenario. It’s not the real Stormwind. Players in Stormwind will never encounter players in the Siege of Boralus.

Putting an entrance into Stormwind to give them access to the Pet Dungeon would necessitate real changes to Stormwind. It would give Horde players easy access to the very middle of Stormwind. Not just to use the pet dungeon, but to invade, kill NPCs, etc.

haha I like it!
taking on the inmates’ pet battling circuit in stocks
and yeah, they could have any assortment of ‘imported’ pets

its even a good idea for a new celestial tournament sort of thing

ALL the pet dungeons already have their own special entrances that is different from the normal dungeon entrance. You talk to an NPC, who can be ANYWHERE in relation to the original instance, and that NPC sends you into the pet dungeon.

Had thought the Grom’gol porter to be a more direct path. That’s bad, and whoever made a suicide run an optimal way to get to a pet battle instance should feel bad. You don’t even run inside, you queue up. >.>

The reasonable way to do it is to have the queue NPC outside. My 25 tauren can queue for Stockades from Orgrimmar; I think it would be perfectly fine to have somebody in Elwynn Forest escort me in for pet battling.

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Every NPC that sends you into any pet dungeon is right there on the spot. True, Manapoof will probably be able to send you to the dungeon, but you still have to get there on your own the first time.

The location of the NPC’s has nothing to do with complexity and everything to do with a “logical location RP-wise”. They can be anywhere. You talk to one and you’re put into a special instance. There can be more than 1 NPC too for each dungeon.

You can have an alliance NPC next to the Stockades and a Horde NPC next to the low level dungeon horde-equivalent in Ogrimaar.

Sunken Temple because I like Dragons :smiley:

Oh and they need to invite all the aspects and some of their clan members along to be the npc tamers :smiley:

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I’d like to see a Mists of Pandaria dungeon this time, and then introduce every new pet dungeon to coincide with the current Raiding with Leashes achievement zone in the future. I know that would skip past all of TBC and WotLK, but maybe those could be introduced during future ‘content drought’.

Idk…kinda keeps them together as a theme.

Stormstout Brewery, then. Hozen, hoplings, alementals… mix in some crickets and rats for filler mobs

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