What people don't understand is

Honestly I could see unsubbing or rather not even playing when classic released after seeing the implementation of spellbatching and/or layering (sharding-lite) but quitting over daily instance limit? Lol.

Well, then you obviously don’t know the capabilities of certain classes or the concept of certain gold/exp farms. A priest can’t, some can. Just because a class can do more than 30 a day doesn’t mean its not a feasible means to spend your time in the game.

Lol to you, but i think maybe priests should only get 10 Fort’s a day. How bout dat

Funny how you claim this and I’ve seen a total of two other people who actually approve of this horrible change.

The casual majority dont care about anything, they just hope they see a level today

I didn’t forget about that part, the second half of my post deals with that. The exploitative part is vague, but I don’t think they consider boosting, something that has existed in every iteration of WoW, to suddenly be an exploit that’s worth putting an end to?

If it was exploitative, why hasn’t anyone been banned for it?

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Okay feel free to explain this part then

I would also ask for you to point in where in the TOS and rules it says players are not allowed to get services from other characters for in- game gold.

Uh… they literally own the game. They have every right to do whatever the hell they want to do.

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no one said it was rulebreak hence why you werent punished for it, most people thought it was being done so excessively it was toxic

blizzard agreed with the majority and nerfed it signficantly

The TOS is gone. It doesn’t exist.

They unwrote all the rules. Now they just ban you for whatever they want to ban you for.

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Then that statement is irrelevant as it gates you, and 120’s can’t que for a lower Xpack dungeon (besides timewalking) thus you’d just one shot the mobs as a lvl 120.
This still means you could easily reach the 30 lockout cap limit if implemented to retail.

tokens only effect gold, which in turns makes the highest value 1g can be thus limiting how much gold a gold seller could make in the game.
Classic doesn’t have that, as such it’s determined solely by the gold sellers. They can just make the value of 1g twice as much while increasing the market prices of goods found in dungeons.
This makes more people being pushed to buy gold as they cannot actively farm gold because open world available gold is now being divided into many more people.

Boosting allowed casuals to make some quick cash thus spreading gold to others, while yes to gold sellers to, but others did benefit from it.
Might be hard to believe but boosting isn’t even that bad in terms of spreading out the wealth.
this cap just limits how much gold will actually reach others pockets.

Thats strange since they have no rules in the game at all for that. Not one rule in 15 years until it was a “problem” in classic. Hell you could go pay to get just about any boost in the game right now on live.

Player power leveling has also been around in just about every MMO. Including vanilla.

Well apperntly they left that one part of the TOS that says they can ban me for any or no reason :stuck_out_tongue:

how is it strange that blizzard would side with the majority of it’s player base that believe excessive instance resetting is bad for gold inflation and damaging to the economy? it also reduces extreme automated bot farming abuse, something everyone claims to hate.

It would seem that the ACTUAL majority is comming out against the idea that all players should be puinished for what botters and Boosters are doing. Based on the now nearly 2k responses to that post that seem to mostly say that this is a bad change.

Next you’ll be touting the successes of Apple in protecting their OS from viruses in the early naughties.

yeah, just looking at reddit right now throws this lie right out the window.

I mean heck, people are pointing out that this exact change was literally an april fools joke back in actual vanilla. That’s what the current dev team/J. Allen Brack think of Classic. “You think you do but you don’t.” And he’s sure as heck making sure he’s right about that.

the damage is already done

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I dont understand the hate against boosting. Who cares if I boost my alts or friends? Why do you guys care so much?

Nah. They simply deleted the TOS, and now they do whatever they want.

I can understand why people dont like it. It makes the world less populated as people just buy power leveling. However, if people have gold and dont want to level thats there prerogative to me. Clearly they are making enough to spend on the service another player (hopefully real and not a bot) is offering them.

But in the end most people dont want other people to do things they feel is against- the spirit of the game. They have some loose idea that the community is ruined, when in reality they havent come to grips that most people playing the games are alts and the magic discovery and rapid growth of vanilla was a thing of its time. You cant have that fulfilling constant growth of people playing the game simply because there arent enough people to keep the servers growing

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