What people don't understand is

That’s the laziest crap I have ever heard.

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The entire change is some of the stupidest crap I’ve ever heard to be honestly


They literally track those raids with separate IDs and different timers. Clearly they can differentiate them. Too many bots in bwl I guess.

I’ll believe it when I see it.
I’ve reported bots 5 months ago that are still active.

So they’re allowed to change the game now?
And people can still farm 2k per day, how does this deters that?
This just screws over people while not touching bots, guess what bots have tons of accounts and their accounts have characters in different realms, at best this is a slight annoyance they just have to swap realms after the 30 are hit, on one account, while the other 20 are still going.

What YOU don’t understand is that players are the only ones getting hit by this, this was not done to fight gold farming, it was done to stop bots as they stated themselves.
Yet it does not deters bots at all.

Weird that Blizzard didn’t care about this at all when they created mega servers and layering…


Not just the bots, as they stated themselves:

“Exploitative” doesn’t always mean “Bots”.

In regards to Blizz’s solution, I agree. I don’t think it stopped whatever it was they were trying to stop.

it isn’t even built to deter botting at all. its built to deter how many bots are on a server at any given time. so instead of a botter botting 1 realm 24hrs a day they will now take shifts between 4 realms. its a vision thing. blizzard doesn’t want the botting to be so obviously happening but they refuse to lose the revenue from bot subs.

to them they are saying to the botters and gold farmers. “HEY, its cool to bot and stuff but you gotta spread it out”.


Exploitative means the people using hacks and flying all over the instance.
If they wanted to eliminate this “exploiting” that was in vanilla then they wouldn’t let people do it at all, mages can still get over 2.5k per day with this so it doesn’t change jack.

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Yes, IK what it means. Again, it doesn’t always “Bots”.

Precisely what I just said:

Bots have yet to be banned though. They where fly hacking when DM came out for the tribute buff, now their in ZG, and people have reported them but their still there, still flying like nothings wrong in the world.

the casual majority love this change, a tiny vocal minority are crying in every thread the day of the massive botting/boosting nerf

really makes ya think


they are doing so significantly less times a day than they were

a lot of people in my guild hate this idea because they have a lot to farm for raid prep and they don’t always have time to play in a day.

Lol the original thread post/like ratio was like 99.70 last time I checked.
If dislikes were still a thing it would’ve been drowned

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I’m a mage main, I don’t care that the 30 per day is or isn’t a thing. I care that the 30 per day WONT STOP BOTS. Ban the bots and add or dont add the 30 day thing. As long as bots are banned, the 30 per day is secondary to me.

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Have you ever considered that the behavior of a tryhard instance farmer and a bot can be hard to distinguish

However. If certain accounts are reaching the cap, then switching to another server to do it again that you can determine with 99.9% certainty that they are a bot

This change makes detecting bots MUCH easier

You would have to be utterly lazy, incompetant or mentally handicapped not to be able to spot the real bots. I am aslo sure they have been reported.

This knee jerk reaction is stupid and lazy. There is no better way to define it.

They are NOT banning bots, at least not in any meaningful way. I’ve reported the same automated bots out in the world farming for months before they disappear. In the mean time they’ve leveled up several dozen other bots.

did you know there is programs designed to check if a person is botting or not?

All games have software to prevent against bots, some work better then others but all of them still detect some bots, blizzard (at least NA) can’t even detect a mage flying in the air.

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yes the people who were abusing these systems to pay their bills in real life care more about lobbying to get it reverted

shocking i agree