What 'next' race/class combos invoke the best story implications?

Best being a fairly loose definition, but regardless I’m hoping they put in a bit more effort with the opening up to other races as the remaining classes have implications that could direct the story in interesting ways. Like having questlines between patches similar to the baine stuff or lordaeron updates, except being centered around these classes and how new races fit their theme.

Nightborne for demon hunter and paladin story, maybe go into depth about the heavily addicted.
Draenei demon hunters now that manari are a thing, centered around lingering demonic energy and maybe a ritual to gain control of a demon so remnants of sargeras can be removed.
Shaman I think night elf would have been prime for this expansion, idk if tyrande fits the theme but they could probably write her any direction after the night warrior ritual “cleansed” her.

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Orc and blood elf druids.
Nightborne Demon hunters.

Void Elf Paladins and Void Elf Demon Hunters trumps any other race potential for these classes. Why? Because a Void Elf Paladin takes the Holy Light in its purest forms and inverts it everytime the elf goes into his or hers entropic form.

The Void Elf Demon Hunter takes this to a new level. He absorbed the entropic powers of the Void and then accentuates it with fel. He’s Shadow Lord Iskar, he’s Xhul’horac. Every Void Elf Demon Hunter would have to balance the power of the void with the chaotic powers of fel and try not to pop with their use of demonic/void powers!

The Void Elves have a great future ahead with Midnight and the addition of new classes for all the races. If they ever did Demon Hunter Nightborne and Void Elves that would be the clincher of the decade.


On the interview just released by Blizz, Ion actually says…

“Blame the Shadow Priests” if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

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Haha! Yeah… but they couldn’t aVOID the temptation.

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Paladin is one of the most interesting classes for this kind of speculation, in my opinion.

Orc Paladins: Yrel and the Lightbound invading the main timeline. In a major questline the Horde frees and/or rehabilitates (depending on how much brainwashing is cannonically involved) some Lightbound orc paladins who manage to keep their powers in spite of turning away, passing the lessons on to other orcs.

Darkspear Paladins: The tribe undergoes a reinvigoration of spiritualism and faith after the resurrection of their chieftain Vol’jin and/or Vol’jin’s ascension to Loahood, forming a band of holy tribal warriors directly empowered by Vol’jin, Shirvallah, Akunda, the echo of Rezan, and various other loa. (Personally, I might prefer it if Vol’jin keeps mostly shadowy aesthetics, but this idea is more interesting to me than “The Zandalari showed us the ropes.”)

Undead Paladins: Further research into the Light, as well as various Light-oriented events, have led to deeper understanding of the Light’s nature and possible cohabitation with undeath. By treating the subject more as a matter of science and chemistry rather than faith, the apothecaries and Cult of the Forgotten Shadow have finally discovered a way to “properly” infuse an unliving body with holy energy. The story can happen with or without Calia, if people are set on raising a stink about it.


Blood Elf druids tied to story about healing the land in quel’thalas, i like and echo baals ideas for tying the amani in to show positive story development for them and peace between the two


Been a big supporter of both Darkspear paladins/prelates and Blood Elf druids.

Darkspear paladins especially following Shirvallah’s Hearthstone introduction and that paladin rework for her. Brings Shirvallah into the light more, shows there are other Loa than just Rezan who can help harness that energy, and gives the Gurubashi/Darkspear their own flavor. Each of the old troll empires should really have their Loa fleshed out more.

BE druids have also been asked for like, forever. Plenty of folks have given their thoughts over time but I think consensus has been lynx, amani bear, dragonhawk, hawkstrider, and probably some dragonhawk looking moonkin form based off what Jan’alai’s avatar looks like. Then they introduced Thas’alah in Legion and we know how druids love their trees. I’d also echo Lann, I dig Baal’s idea as steps toward some sort positive Amani and BE development.

Night Elf paladin has been a big ask but I know there has been growing apprehension concerned they’ll just turn them into purple Silverhand members rather than like a warrior branch of Sisterhood of Elune.

While I was a big proponent of Forsaken paladins, and still am to an extent, I’ve adopted concerns similar to Night Elf fans and their potential paladins that Forsaken ones would just be some dumb thing to do with Calia bringing them to the Light rather than some spiteful command of the power that can harm them the most, taking almost an OG Blood Knight approach with the light. Though I’ve seen suggestions of the Forsaken taking in Scarlets who were undead’d and boom, former Scarlet Forsaken paladins that turn into like their Delta Squad for dealing with the Scourge remnants.


Considering that War Within will revolve around the Light and the Void, my best bet is that we will get paladin for everyone.

I’m most curious to see Forsaken Paladins and how that impacts their society. Would it be them returning to their ancestral history as Lordaeronians or would it be an entirely new order of paladins?

Worgen Paladin for the heavy Powerwolf vibes.
Story like metal album cover art, conflict bristling in Silverpine, clashing hammers and swords of Light as each new Order, of Gilneas and of Lordaeron, the other decries. A powder keg of disparate groups and lingering hatreds awaiting the errant spark to ignite a holy war.
I crave a return to this violence.

  • Human druid
  • Dwarf druid
  • Night Elf paladin and shaman
  • Kul Tiran paladin
  • Troll paladin
  • Blood Elf shaman
  • Highmountain Tauren paladin
  • Nightborne shaman
  • Pandaren druid
  • Drathyr warrior, priest, mage, warlock and rogue

I’m excited to try a dracthyr hunter. It sounds like a lot of fun :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Demon hunter is one thing, but why would you want to hunt dracthyr? They’re on our side!


I’m hopeful that the delay on things like paladins is because they intend on offering more things like green fire and paladins are an easy in with making it so some races start with alternates as their baseline and have to unlock yellow/white light, while others have to unlock other forms. Undead could use the pale green in shadowlands, night elves white blue and void elves a night warrior/night fae sort of colouration.

Good question! Does sound terrible :dracthyr_crylaugh:

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Looks like my Void Elf priest alt better lay low anytime the subject of Dalaran comes up.

Cue nonchalant completely-not-suspicious whistling

Well, it’s that dagger. You never should have picked it up. Maybe you can claim it ambushed you on the say to saving orphans with puppies and possessed you?

paladins need to get back to the alliance

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Given the situation with all this Void business, it sounds like we need more Light, not less.

Blame the dagger :thinking: I knew Xal’atath wasn’t trustworthy. I just used her to fight the Burning Legion.