What M+ dungeons are available after the next rest?

It’s my understanding that S2 starts a week after this rest (?).

If that’s the case, are we still running S1 dungeons the first week after the reset?


S1 dungeons for 1 more week.

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Yes, this upcoming week (the week of May 2nd) is considered an off-week where you cannot earn the Thundering Hero title but you can, to my knowledge, still earn the Keystone Hero achievements, upgrade Season 1 gear with Valor, and continue to push Season 1 dungeons for rating and gear. Season 2 starts the following week (the week of May 9th).


I agree on the gear valor and gear part, not so sure about ratings. It would seem that ratings are part of the Thundering Hero title and will be frozen, but maybe I’m mistaken. There’s no need to freeze the ratings to assign the winners of that title, they just need to have a snapshot of all M+ scores at 10p before this Tue’s reset. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if they did freeze rating for this “off-season” week; certainly before Blizzard’s M+ Score, the Raider IO Score for S1 and Post-S1 were two separate scores (i.e., S1 score froze when patch for S2 dropped even though S2 didn’t open for a week or two later).

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