What level is it safe to tank in dungeon finder?

I played a long time ago, have all the heirlooms but jumping in to tank at level 10 with other players at differing levels is giving me bad flashbacks to ‘pull pull pull’ should I even attempt to tank starting at level 10 or wait until I get some decent tanking abilities?

So I can confirm, tanking at low level dungeons is an absolute breeze. Earlier in the expansion there was this trend where a level 10 Brewmaster Monk can just solo a dungeon by just spamming spinning crane kick and flying through like a beyblade. This is because the way scaling mob levels works, the lower leveled player will always out perform the higher leveled player because all the mobs stats adjust to each individual players level, including health totals. They since made adjustments I noticed, but the speed you run through is about the same - which is still fast.

You don’t need to worry about holding threat so long as you AoE your mobs. Things will die fairly quickly if you have a group of people with a large level gap. I’d say give it a shot!

Edit: Sorry I just reread your post. the pull pull pull mentality is still there but the repercussions for overpulling is close to nonexistent if you have a good group.

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You can easily start at ten. At level ten you’re a dps god.

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Thank you both

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if you want to help yourself make sure you get a few enchants on those looms before you hit level 17 or you’ll miss out on a tiny bit extra buffs on the gear until you hit end game enchants. :slight_smile: Sadly enchants are broken for anything before Shadowlands and can only be equipped to low level gear that is item level … 50 or 60, depending. Good luck!