What legendary for pvp?

Hi guys,

Was thinking of doing some rated bgs and I was wondering what legendary is best?

I’ve been thinking of mad paragon or final verdict.

I’m playing with final verdict.

It helps since those ww and fire mages are always kiting us.

But may not be very good as we still need be 5 yards for interrupts and crusader strike.

Final Verdict is good. It gives you a bit of uptime on far away targets. I have gotten off some TVs on targets right as they were rounding a pillar to get a kill. You really will miss being able to hit people from medium range when you switch to a different legendary. It can also be used while disarmed which is a major weakness for rets since most warriors and monks will disarm as soon as they see you pop wings. The reset on HoW is nice but won’t happen very often. It’s solid.

Mad Paragon is better if you decide you also want to do some PVE since it is a solid pick for PVE and is pretty alright for PVP too.

Sephuz is probably the best legendary for PVP because of the huge stat bonus it gives and how it interacts nicely with our burst windows. Hit someone with a HOJ, pop wings+seraphim, and you’ll get massive damage. I think it’s a little boring though.

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so only blindling light and interrupting triggers sephuz?

HoJ, blinding light, interrupting a cast, or dispelling a disease/poison.

when it says increase all secondary stats by 80, does that mean, crit/haste/vers/mastery? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Final Verdict

Reign of The Endless King - until it’s made prot unique