What kind of game punishes you for winning?

I’ve noticed pet pvp ques get really slow after you’ve won a bunch. What sort of silly design makes it worse for winning?

It’s such a basic mini-game it seems ridiculous. This is a prime example of ‘play the way we say’ on a part of the game that has nothing to do with progression or player power, why not just let the matchmaking be first in last out?


I think the intent of the hidden MMR system was to help newer battlers not get matched with veteran battlers, just to get stomped constantly. I could see how it would be frustrating to be new and only experience defeat while you’re trying to figure things out.

IMO the problem with this, though, is that while it does help ease newer players into PVP Pet Battles, it doesn’t exactly encourage participation for the average WoW player? Especially not to the point where those newer PBPVPers get more experience/wins and join the veteran queues.

Most of us went through the ‘getting stomped’ phase until we got better. If the choice is between being shut out of the que because of a hidden mmr that’s too high or just letting people play the game, which makes more sense?

Besides, there is more to it than a hidden mmr, having unposted rules and hiddeen mmr’s and some way of trying to prevent win trading has ruined pet pvp.

Instead, they should just give folks win trading the proper response, a small vacation from the game.

Then to waste a bonus week on pet pvp adds insult to injury. No communication is wow’s way of dealing with this? Many of us spent much time getting a good pet army only to have wow ruin it because we don’t play the way we are supposed to. Okay mommy blizz there’s nothing we can do about it.

Wow devs do not respect their subscriber’s time.


The great mystery of WOW, how does the battle pet queue work. Personally, to solve this riddle:

  1. I have 14 toons on different realms in the US, Oceania, Brazil & Latin America.
  2. I have opened a new account, raised the toon to level 20 to be able to enter the battlepet pvp queue & used low level teams.
  3. Played at all hours of the day & night.
  4. Paid to transfer toons to other realms rumored to have active battle pet pvp queues.
  5. Leveled up my first ever toon & transferred to a different realm after reading that maybe the first toon defines your server.

How did this all work? Each time, every single time the same player popped up in my queue, usually after a long wait. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

How do I know s/he is the same player - the teams, the names, the insults. This is the ONLY player that is ever in my queue, with extremely rare exceptions. The exceptions don’t last, perhaps discouraged by the XXXXXXX person running triple weather teams, triple anomalus teams, ect.

After retuning to WOW when the pandemic started, playing & collecting consistently, I have finally thrown up my hands. & turned to other games. It makes me too upset now - the apparent total lack of regard for customers and the not giving a f–k about so many great people’s YEARS of asking WOW to fix the battle pet pvp queue.

When my current subscription is over, I will not be renewing :rage:

It’s weird because even though I’m a veteran pet battler and face the same 2-3 people, I don’t understand the logic of it. Just because I am veteran doesn’t mean I use Stomp or Counter teams against those using the most bestest strategies. Mostly I queue with 3 of the same pet, chosen randomly, and just for fun. Why can’t I match with others who simply want to pet battle for fun? It’s sad.


I noticed this as well. The queues are already long, but after about the hundredth or so, they were even longer.


I literally waited for a whole hour afking and the estimated time was like 3 minutes the timer is at 60+ minutes, this is b r o k e n. Please expand the pool of eligible pet battlers, or fix the queue, or both, or better, please, thank you.


maybe they’re investigating you to see if you’re cheating somehow.

Considering my OP is weeks ago AND that I don’t cheat, it is highly unlikely.

Also, it seems to be everybody else’s experience as well.