What is your most elusive pet to obtain?

Just a moment of curiosity here. Wondering what everyon’e most elusive pet to get has/is? For me it is currently the Everling Spore, only being able to try for it once a week is frustrating at times.


I haven’t tried for the spore or similar pets yet, and I don’t farm a lot for the harder to obtain pets, so I’m sure there are several that I could add to the list, but off the top of my head the 400 honor level PVP pet sounds pretty far away. I don’t intentionally grind for it and used to PVP a bit more than I do now, but maybe someday. Seems like a lot of work for one thing unless I’m doing the activities passively for other things already. I guess at least it’s a defined goal instead of RNG. :rofl:

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Knockoff Blingtron. Been dropping blings for years and still nada.


Spectral tiger cub was mine. I finally got it when it hit the trading post, but it was a never-ending dream until then. It was rarely up on my realm for an affordable price by TCG standards, and even when it was listed for 500k-750k I was notoriously bad at gold farming until this expansion.

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There are several I’m not bothering with, such as the 400 Honor Level pets. Right now my most annoying farm is for Wondrous Wisdomball. I try it whenever it comes up on 5 characters, still no luck. Been doing it for a loooong time. While estimates vary it seems to be about a quarter-of-a-percent chance when the weekly pops. Some people ground it out for years on up to 20 characters!

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Ah, that one.

That’s a pet I may choose to try for if I’m so bored my alternative is to hurt myself. The fact that so many Legion Kirin Tor WQs are cripplingly bugged is unhelpful and discouraging.

I do not have high hopes for that one and will not expend significant effort for it. I remind myself that I’m more likely to be struck by lightning IRL than be awarded that drop, and I don’t have to work as hard for the lighting strike. So I do it only when the fae mood takes me.


Like with Sniperorc the annoying part for me is the WQs that do not work/only work with trickery.

However… :rofl:

I am the insane type, I only farm for things on this character–with the exception, sometimes, of limited time events or faction specific stuff. With a few exceptions, less than 3-5, every drop has been on this character.

I don’t really PvP anymore, just don’t have the time for it, although I do need to get back in to it to finish off Warsong rep… the worst of the lot!

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I can really respect you farming with just one character. Daned is pretty much the only character I actually play. The only reason I have so many higher-level characters was because of the class-specific pets that I wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise.

It’s funny you mention the class pets, was actually thinking about those at work last night and contemplating getting them.