What is your Guilds Looting System

So in a random discussion in discord on how other guilds do loot in their raids. Someone fought for the argument that 99% of guilds use DKP/EPGP. Now he fought very hard for this claim and just want to prove him wrong. I’m wondering if people could tell me their guild and what their loot system is, if you feel uncomfortable with saying the guild just saying a loot system is fine. I Found that most have been doing Loot Council for the betterment of the raid. Let me know in the comments please.

Well you already know the loot system we had in CC ^^. DKP

I can safely say that like 15-20% of the guilds on WM are DKP/EPGP.
99% is… yeah no heh. LC is king

My guild uses RCLoot Council in a manner of this: Threat tank and Mitigation tank get priority on the tank only gear and some of overlapping dps gear (so for the betterment of the raid) while most of everything else is in a sort of round robin fashion for consideration of loot is preparedness and attendance. Hope this helps.

We use a pretty open DKP system with weekly decay but enforce MS>OS bidding. Works fine.

Acquired Taste is Loot Council!

Loot Council.

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We use the :funnel: loot system.

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Unhallowed has a loot council. But what that actually means for us is a bunch of officers fight it out at the start of the tier to produce a document with class/spec roll priority for non-tier items. That document is subject to change before each reset based on feedback from the guild and further officer discussion. Then when those items drop the eligible people /roll.

Each class can and do have their own systems for tier gear distribution. Some classes want to spread stuff around, some focus on spreading up to 3 piece, some gear out one toon before next guy gets geared (with rotation for each tier).

It adds a bit of suspense with /rolls, avoids at least some of the accusations of nepotism/funneling that usually get raised with loot council, and after the doc is first created is a whole lot less work than DKP. It’s not perfect, but then nothing is.

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Loot council with pre-determined priority spreadsheet that shows you pre-raid exactly where you’re at in line for an item. Updated weekly at officer meeting. Only core members are shown on the list