What is the timeline for Classic Era bug fixes?

Over the course of the post-TBCC months a growing mountain of bugs has been accumulating on Classic Era due to different patches meant for either TBCC or SoM. So far most of these bugs are not being addressed and all the patch notes have focused on are very, very small or even inconsequential fixes to Classic Era as can be seen in the Hotfixes post.

It is discouraging not seeing these issues, which were not present pre-TBCC, get proper attention and even worse not having any kind of feedback from Blizzard on the matter.

So, what is the timeline, if any, on Classic Era bug fixes? If there is no timeline and there are no plans on allocating development resources for these fixes then that is also good to know since you know what to expect.


legacy servers have no development resources assigned, as they have no ROI.

they would have to charge separate subscription if you want a development team maintaining them. Nobody would play the game just for old content.


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It is frustrating especially when the Bug Forum is used but there are no fixes based on those reports and no acknowledgement. I had hope that with the arrival of the Community Council that issues might be addressed.

Sixxfury, who is a member that has concern for Classic issues, did solicit comment from us here in this forum. They took that information and brought that to the Council forum but it doesn’t seem to be as big a concern for Blizz as SL/retail. I really appreciate that Sixxfury tried to help. Ball is in the company’s court but it looks like they’re gonna keep sitting on it.

The Bug Reports forum is filled with Classic Era bug report, especially those arriving since SoM. They even locked the thread where all these were being tracked and asked to post individual reports for each one. This does not seem to make any difference though.


This is Blizzard’s subtle way of saying “lalalalala, I can’t hear you!”


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Yes I know.
I am most sad about the Community Council though. I suppose I am naive. I hoped that they might get through our concerns and get responses.

Again if you are reading, thank you Sixxfury.
You tried to help and I appreciate it.


I think Blizz’s move to mark the CC members with golden text and to put them into a walled garden where no one will ever hear from them again was genius.

:hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

I am super bummed that I have to agree with your analysis.


yet the changes for SoM creep into era and screw us over…

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