What is the long maintenance for?

I’m way out of the loop.

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10.0.5 patch


Well, it looks like they’ll be revamping some of the classes and probably fixing a few bugs and maybe doing some actual physical maintenance on the servers. I’d rather have the eight hours of downtime at once than constant “surprise!” maintenance periods…

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and getting ready for the trader post in February 1st

The magic 8 ball told me we getting those too


The patch notes include a few cool things too, like transmogging white items and also the trading post (feb 1st) which will have its own currency in the main cities to use for cool transmogs and stuff. Plenty of class changes and fixes for edit mode - you can move your bags and experience bars now.

Mage tower is back.

Catalyst is back for changing your vault/mythic/raiding gear into set pieces.

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Dragonflight: 10.0.5 Content Update Notes - Community / General Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

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We don’t need your stinking links! We want everything to be done in less than an hour! Some of us only get an hour to play each week (not me, obviously) and this is just mean! :upside_down_face:


Is not stinky! I sprayed that link with lovely lavender and mint aromatherapty spray, it will clear your nostrils and make you calm as you battle with the internet and lag. Trust me, I’m a Gnome.

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i could never quite figure out what gnomes smelled like.

now i know.

it’s a combination of the two most abhorrent scents which exist.
try some honeysuckle, or vanilla, or sandalwood, or rose… or the nice earthy aroma of cowpat. :slight_smile:

They’re adding shadowlands to the game. Gonna take a whole day to add them.

gray and white transmog!!


Why does everyone act so shocked when Tuesday has a long maintenance?

OP, MULTIPLE sites, have said there is a new .5 patch coming, it’s on you that you didn’t know

Extra security measures to keep Sylvanas from breaking free from the maw and joining forces with Lord Illidon to save us from the Dragonfights

Wish I could re-size my minimap without an add-on. :frowning:

And disable a lot of the tracking things they are always showing.

And have yellow exclamation marks for trivial quests.

Lots of improvements still to be made.

You can do some of those things! Click on the little rolled up scroll looking thing under you mini map. You can untrack some things and track trivial quests.

I want the yellow exclamation marks for low level quests.

My poor old eyes have trouble seeing the grey ones. :smiley:

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Switching out the hamsters and oiling the wheel.

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How about bright pink :heartpulse:.

catalyst pog

also praying for a more generous valor cap but i’m not holding my breath