What is the incentive to being alliance?

didn’t wee see why she burned it down in the warbringers video, she originally planned to take it hostage but got upset at a night elf and burned the whole thing down

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Boralus city > Zuldazar city

Ooops! I was off with that guy. lol Apparently it’s been a while since I’ve seen him and forgot. :sweat_smile: Here he is, though. Thargold Ironwing. Still think he’s a good looking chap.

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I prefer castles to spiked tents. Also I love shadowmeld.


This, plus almost everyone I know in this game plays alliance.

For a lot of players I know, this is the answer.


They provide stability. Leaders arent killed off and cities arent made raids like horde are.


Because between Cataclysm and BFA they destroyed the Horde they had created in WC3 and drug it back to the generic evil that it was in WC1.


You know, if Sylvanas has her way, we could have both.

Well it was for a lot of reasons, I have 13 100+ toons on Sarg, over a mil gold, and I love the NEs. However trying to run a raid team on ally side has become… painful… so after 12 years playing Ally Blizz finally broke me. My team is faction changing to Horde next week…

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I’m Alliance because I choose civilization over savagery. :man_shrugging:


That your dead bodies are doing amazing things for the environment?

I play both sides so I get the full story.

However, I’ve almost always been a Horde main - my friends/raiding group just decided to go Alliance this xpac so now I’m an Alliance main.

I’m not necessarily opposed to this…

Besides, a castle with spikes makes it easier to display the bodies of your enemies.

I mean this in the most un-offensive way possible, but that really sucks man. You should be able to play this game and accomplish what you want to on either of the 2 factions. I’m not saying alliance suck or horde is awesome. My problem is why Blizzard doesn’t see this as a problem.


I play Alliance because I don’t like playing the bad guys in video games.


Agreed and I held onto that hope pretty hard but churn happens on a raid team, always has always will, but when you can’t replace members at a rate even half as fast as you lose them. That’s a massive problem. We threw everything and the kitchen sink but had no luck getting decent raiders to apply. It really does depress me having to go horde but gotta do what ya gotta do.


At this point it’s a mixture of sunk cost and a complete disdain of the aesthetics of horde races. I have no interest in playing as Barbarian beast men with the singular exception of two overly androgynous elf races.

All this keeps me there in spite of the fact that my friends for both raiding and arena have moved on to horde. Dooming me to heroic pugs and praying i can find a 2k+ arena group.

Just hoping at this point that Blizzard eventually decides that the imbalance is unacceptable and takes some kind of EFFECTIVE corrective action

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A slap in the face!

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Alliance get’s lots of recolored horses as their special mounts. woooot!!!

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