What is blizzard problem with Enhancement?

For one the spec is called “enhance” but does very little “enhancing”… it gets like zero defensives becuase Blizzard has this huge obsession with putting all their beef into Ghost Wolf… meanwhile Feral can have Bear,Travel,Bark Skin, Primal Instincts, BIG HEALS, and just crazy CC; Point and Click stun, Entangling Roots, Cyclone.

This isnt asking shamans to get all the things feral has but look at what Enhance has… trash AoE, trash single defensive in Astral Shift , Once you get 5 stacks you choose to either do a pitiful heal or do a lighting bolt that tickles…I know this isnt meant to be a “Combo point finisher” but getting up to those stacks to use them and get such a meaningless reward is so bad… like it feels better to just spam heal instead of trying to get 5 stacks for my instant cast heal.

A totem should be threating just like a Hunter’s trap is when it is on the field… notice you cant kill hunter traps but if you try to use any shaman trap; anyone with half a brain immediately destroys it… but yeah Monks are allowed to have that big shrine up for Mistweavers thats health pool is literally 999999999.

/End rant… IT is like Blizzard knows if they make Enhance good in PvP; they cant let it be good in PvE… so instead they just make it bad in both.


I like the new utility you guys bring to PvE (and honestly right now you give more perks to a party than Feral can) but I agree that Enhancement Shaman is lacklustre in comparison to Feral in PvP.

Blizz was hoping giving y’all the Doomhammer would tide things over for a few years.


Hilarious but sadly probably true

Its thematically my favorite spec of all time but realistically just a confusing waste of time every single time they “re-design” it.

I honestly dont think Blizzard has any idea what its supposed to be.

And at this point I’d prefer they tear everything down and rebuild it in terms of its core rotation. Lava lash was always a mistake and an insult too.

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The question is, does Ion actually think enh is ok, or has he just never respect’ out of resto?

sadly the reason im elemental shammy, Enhance needs work, totems should get some kind of health buff across the board as they are easy to nock out.

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Why would you compare them to feral out of all the melee?

That’s the issue, he does think it’s ok and that’s why it’s at its current state.

Well it all started with bus shock…rabble rabble rabble… and now you have what shamans are today.

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Blizzard has a problem with a lot of specs. lol

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what is blizzard problem with shamans*?

The windfury and doom winds buff on beta make the spec very competitive in dps though.

Just make that spec a tank and all would be well.

Cause both are considered F tier on every tier list rn

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Fun unrelated shaman fact.

Shaman is the most represented Blizzcon arena winning class and only class to win as all 3 specs.

Prepatch or beta?

Feral seems alright for pvp