What is Blizzard Policy on stalking/harassment?

Just curious, we got mentally insane people on Grobbulus NA, that historically make death threats, over this silly video game dox addresses, you name it…reporting to this company seems like it does nothing.

Local Law enforcement, seem to have a hard time with it as well, what would be the appropriate channel, because lot of it is done on that “grobbulus” discord, where they dox peoples real life information , using third party sources outside of the game.

People take it to far, talking about whispers, changing names to the name of the person they are harassing, veiled threats, making sure their victim knows that they know their personal info…

very insane behavior…how do you even combat this sort of thing.

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Grob is a nest of weirdos
prove me wrong
or not

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it’s true though, they have entire guilds on allie side that will spam harass you, link IRL personal info to others, tell them to do all kinds of illegal stuff, can’t name or shame on here, so I won’t but it’s out of control


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Exactly how does someone get your (well not yours personally) personal information that they can dox you?

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posting ip grabbers in discord, and me being dumb to click, as it was a “server” discord, then from there they can find personal info

grobbulus has a server discord, and it turned into a weird doxing discord. It was disguised as a build template.

Naaa… you were not being dumb - anyone can fall for these kinds of tricks - but now everyone else can learn from the mistake. I hope they take care of these people for you.


me to, it’s inane how crazy people can get over video games, to the level of messing with you IRL.

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average grobbulus players


Honestly I am pretty insane but what can I tell you, its grobb life


the best guild on grob is fishmongers are they still active on there

sad part most of the illegal stuff just takes place over discord, so I understand why Blizzard can’t do anything, but these people paid for a name change just to have an identical name to my in game name, just to whisper me threats, it’s wild.

just because we have world pvp on the server, and some take it wayyy to far, there is a large guild on grob that is unhinged, everyone knows their behavior is bad

can’t name shame here, but from the description, people that play allie on that server prob know the guild name.

im curious as to what guild it is, as i dont play on grobbulus that much

the guild with the people in question, is a guild that xfered to grob in July of 2023, from one of the dead fresh wotlk servers, very toxic/illegal stuff in there, combined with the grobbulus discord.

maybe reporting to discord would do something.

I think the harassment and such has to happen on the game itself. I doubt there is much of a case or anything blizzard can do with an external harassment like the discord you’re talking about. I dont see why they would even get involved in that anyway.

it’s half in game, but the actually illegal stuff is on discord, but these people actually paid for a name change in game, to mimic my name in game, then they whisper threats of knowing where I live, IRL name and such, that was all done in game.

but the actual death threat crap took place on their server discord.

The messages done in game is definitely reportable so long as you reported it. Ive realized also that sometimes the specific message has to be reported. Once you open a ticket too, they can review those messages. But they can only go as far as disciplining the person in game, and that specific person. Maybe a personal name change may help bring you comfort

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Thanks for advise, think the more research I do on the topic, healthy thing would just convert my allie gold into wow token for game time.

And just re roll horde or play on benediction or feralina, not worth my trouble or mental health.

faction and name change maybe

You can always take screenshots and send them to the executive team at Discord. Easy to find the address and phone number.