What is a substitution to GDKP

Ah yes, the Path of Exile economy.



Can only play after 9pm huh?

I’m sure tons of that very limited game time goes into farming excessive amounts of legit gold for GDKP, huhh? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Just join a barter raid system

You get to offer non gold items for the raid drops!

[Raid][John]:I offer 1 black lotus
[Raid][Pedro]: 5 lotus
[Raid][Eduardo]: 5 lotus
[Raid][John]: daaannggg
[Raid][John]: 6 lotus
[Raid][Pedro]: 10 lotus
[Raid][Mario]: 25 loti (its loti you smarties)
[Raid][Jennifer]: I can offer 25 flasks of supreme power as my final offer.

Rolling for gear in a pug is an alternative, the way it was supposed to be. Good grief.

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It does say that in their clarification actually:

Any raid or dungeon run where items are awarded in exchange for gold.

This means that yes, rogues can no longer sell SFK or WC runs. Mages selling RFC and Stockades boosts are in more murky waters, but also probably no longer allowed.

Blizzard has pretty explicitly stated their terms. Carries are no longer allowed either.

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Selling items from a Raid is against TOS, But Selling Clears is not, as you are only selling boss kills and not items.

Honestly I hope you’re right and Blizzard doesn’t ban you for selling carries. Us arguing about it on these forums means absolutely nothing when we don’t even know what Blizzard’s enforcement is going to look like.

Heck, two weeks ago I was arguing all across these forums that GDKP was merely a symptom of the botting/gold selling pandemic and not the root of all evil. I never thought in a million years that Blizzard would crack down like this, but seeing as Blizzard has decided otherwise, shows how little I know of their thought processes.

Guess we’ll see what happens next. :person_shrugging:

Sounds like a good time to start your own guild. Be your own boss.

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true, just gotta poke the bear with a stick and hope its dead.

Go to retail, you belong there.


its eaiser to appease a loud minority of people, that are Constantly reporting GDKP ads and filling up their autoban system messages and creating more work. then it is to actively Go after bots. but they want to go after a vast majority of the player base for a loot method thats been in the game since 2004.

says the guy turning classic into retail lol.

I only play in gdkp raids that pays bonus for top dps and fine for mistakes and low dps. The first few weeks of ICC opening my share was around 80k gold per week. The only time I farm for gold was back to the grand opening of vanilla classic when I can make 300g per hour farming Devilsaur Leather. My pvp skill ensured that I control all the Devilsaur leathers. Since then, I have gear advantage since then so I can always get dps bonus in raids easily.

It also doesn’t seem to exist on retail. For as much as the classic Andy’s want to bag it out, the time has come when the retail community is actually better than that of classic. I also want to point out that I find it a bit hilarious that there are some people happy to go full sweaty for classic. Just accept that it’s a bit of casual fun, or attempt to move on with your life. I know change can be scary, but sometimes you just need to suck it up and be an adult.


You are very wise. Nothing I can add.

Meanwhile there’s me, play with PuGs only, guildless, and every run is a success, even the scuffed parse runs.

I can access all the same items as everyone else can, just by playing my way.

Finding good PuGs is a skill, honed over many years. I’ve got invited to guilds, but I’ll just say nah, and they invite me to their next run anyway.


You should make a guide on how to enter a normal pug raid without needing to swipe. Seems like a skill many people have lost in classic.


Runs can simply exchange gear just like GDKP, but instead of gold we will trade high-value items that currently have a somewhat steady market value; something like iridescent pearls a month ago. This is completely fine based on the rules laid out.

Ok bye gold buyer

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