What is a consistently good and always in demand dps class?

Every class forum i read is complaining about how lame their class is and how noone likes them and how their mom dresses them funny. I picked a warlock to main but started to question my decision.

Please help.

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I can remember my Warlock first played; back in 2012ish. 18 sec rotation and being kicked out of RDF for just playing a Warlock.
I think they make just about every class good and bad through out every expac.

Good luck…

From reading the class forums I learned a startling truth: that EVERY class and spec is worse than EVERY other class and spec.

Yes, this seems like a logical impossibility, but the class forums assure me it’s true. DARPA is probably conducting experiments .to resolve the contrdiction. :stuck_out_tongue:

The devs openly explain how they buff and nerf classes regularly, for no reason other than changing things up, with one famous half-joking dev comparison being that they choose who to buff and nerf based on throwing darts at a dartboard. (I assume they’re not good a darts! :stuck_out_tongue: )

So whatever class you pick, be prepared for good and bad times, at least in the eyes of the community. As a pure DPS class, though, you will probably always have at least one spec that is Community-Approved™.

Alternatively, keep two or three characters somewhere near current, so that you can switch to one of the others.

Looking at Warcraftlogs.com at the moment, it seems that Warlocks, while not topping the meters, are at least holding up well in the top half. And of course you have lots of utility to commend you to a group.

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I’ll just add that the best strategy is to pick a class where you enjoy as many of the specs as possible. If you just want to dps, pick a class that has at least 2 dps specs you enjoy, and ideally 3. Then, you’ll have some protection as the meta changes.


The answer is a little bit different between raids and mythic+

For raids, ranged tends to see more representation because mechanics are easier to deal with as ranged more often than not. As for specific classes that are taken regardless of tuning, warlock and mage are the best bets. Warlocks provide healthstones, gateways, and summons, which makes life for the entire raid easier. Mages provide an intellect buff that will make your healer’s job easier and increase the dmg of all of the caster dps. They can also provide a guaranteed bloodlust/heroism effect and can soak certain mechanics alone with ice block.

For mythic+, the meta changes a lot more but the 2 classes that have had at least 1 A or S tier dps spec every season I can remember since early bfa would be the rogue and mage.

But more importantly, play the class that you actually enjoy because you will most likely do better and enjoy min maxxing it more than you will on a class that you’re only playing because its popular. Every season, tons of players get aotc/cutting edge and/or ksm/ksh easily with “D” or “F” tier specs while fotm players struggle. If you find what you like and get good at it, you will find yourself getting consistently invited to most pve content regardless of the meta.

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Warlock. - Great damage, great group utility, good class fantasy & design

These days everyone wants a warlock in their raid because of just how much utility they bring to a group, even during patches when their damage is over-pruned.

Pick a class you like to play! However be warned that dps you will struggle to get a invite into pug mythics and raids. Simply because there’s so many dps. That’s why hybrid classes that can do multiple roles is ideal.