What if the World Soul is suppose to be the Earth Mother?

Crack pot theory, the world soul is suppose to be the Earth Mother, or maybe remnants of the Earth Mother, and she happens to be a First One, not a Titan. Hence why she is the mother to Mu’sha/Elune.

I dont think the earth mother is realz
however I do think Elune is somewhere on the moon and probably evil cause them tentacules

Oh it is not a crack pot theory at all. I am almost sure she is supposed to be the Earth Mother. I believe in the BFA tie in book the tauren even refrence the world’s wound as the earth mother being injured.


Baine even refers to Azeroth as the Earth Mother to Jaina in the cinematic where he returns Derek to her.


Would be nice after they forget all about that connection completely in BFA

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I’ve always thought that was the intention ever since we first learned Azeroth was alive in Chronicle. I’m pretty sure Baine outright says “the Earth Mother is dying” at one point in BfA.


Baine calls Azeroth the Earthmother in the Crossroads cinematic. “The Earthmother is dying.” She was bleeding out Azerite.


Just wait, until you discover Azeroth is the macrocosm. A perusha like diving being whose sacrifice at the dawn of time created the known universe, she is a universal conciousness. The Anima Mundi and Ein Sof.

I am sort of pondering this notion.

Like maybe Azeroth is “The Last First One” - as funny as that was to type.

(Disclaimer: forgive me for alt switching I forgot I was still on my paladin)

World of Warcraft follows an idea of casual determination, that proposes there is an unbroken chain of prior occurances stretching back to the origin of the Universe. Firim calls these occurances “fractals” like in geometry overlaping waves emanating from a centric point.

Casual predestination “because God’s omniscience is perfect, what God knows about the future, will inevitably happen. Which means the future is already fixed.” WoW utilizes prophets with the ability of “true sight” to tap into this fixed future. True sight is something both priests and shamans can tap into, but it’s ultimately connected to Spirit (Chi). There is nothing in the Universe that has no cause, or is self caused. Firim ascribes this to a singular onnicsent creator. Let’s call this being, “God consciousness” (aka Azeroth) this form allows for a multiplicity of God’s, each is a fractal of this central consciousness. Firim in exile part 6 “you may hear the song but you may not understand it” he spoke of Oracles, who communicated in tones that sound like song. He heard it’s “voice.” But not really, he felt the words as much as he heard them. “The thoughts entered my consciousness and conveyer their meaning to my entire being.”

“It spoke in images. Riddles. Prophecies. Thousand truths.[…] The oracle spoke in both one truth and a thousand. Not as separate thoughts, but as one in the same instant. […] Long have I scoffed at what I learned of Titans, or the void lords, or demons of the Nether. I held Death’s pantheon in higher regard, but I know they are just as limited. Truth lies not in one direction or another, but in their intersection.”

“The First Ones had parceled out their gifts, but gave no child all of them. No wonder these offspring bickered with such incessant jealousy. Their very nature was one of denial.” This invokes the myth of Prometheus, there are variations but the Orphic variation is the following. God lacking forethought gave all the gifts of the Gods to animals, and when they came to humans there were no more gifts left to give, so Prometheus gave humanity wisdom instead. It’s reductive to think of all the Cosmic forces as individual factions warring for supremacy but instead see them as parts or fractals of the same source.

Azeroth is the Earthmother. And in TWW we will hear her ‘song’ but as N’Zoth warned in Dragonflight. “Her dreams sing beneath the surface, our dreams, our song.” The War Within is going to be a metaphysical and psychological roller coster.

I see Zerde has been reading my AU Worldbuilding

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A not so friendly reminder, I’ve been saying this for 2 1/2 years (and earlier). But mostly during the Shadowlands.

Actually what prompted this was me reading the Folks and Fairy Tales book. One of the shorts happens to be about the Earth Mother and about her children.

If Elune/Mu’sha(and that short story could not make it clearer they were one and the same considering Mu’sha was a female archer) was the sister of An’she(likely part of the Light based pantheon) then that would explain her relation to the Naaru/Xe’ra.


On this note, if she does end up being a First one, who is the Last titan? And considering the term “last titan” do we have to kill Aman’thul and the gang?

Or maybe Iridikron will actually suceed in whatever plan he has and destroy them. That would be an interesting twist.

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So Azeroth is Adora from the 2018 She-ra series? At least from the perspective of certain characters, such as Horde Prime. Who believes he had wiped them all out.

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It is kinda funny Blizzard and She-ra uses the same “First ones” term.

Yeah but at least She-ra 2018 had a good reason though. Since they legally could not refer to Adora as an Eterian cause reasons, most likely copyright. They could use Eteria and grayskull etc but not in the context of the He-man side of the universe. It is why Eteria is used as a password and Grayskull is still used in “For the honor of Grayskull” and later used as a surname of a friend of Mara’s 1000 years ago. They even had to change Adora’s backstory when it came to how she ended up Etheria. Instead of Hordak kidnapping her from Eteria (like it is in the original show), it was Light Hope, with no mention of Eteria. The only mention of Eteria, the planet is in a backwards, distorted message that sounds like random gibberish during Episodes 11 and 12 of season 4.

It is why I wished there was a follow up series. Just to see Adora’s reaction that she was always a Princess, just of a different planet. The line from S1 E2, “I didn’t know being a Princess was contagious” would make for some fun irony. At least we have the dramatic irony.

Idk what Blizzard was smoking though.

As has been mentioned, they’re already conflating Azeroth with the Earthmother.
Baine, at several points, refers to Azeroth as such, and it is not a stretch to assume the two identities will eventually be merged.
Azeroth is the physical planet and identifies as female. That’s as Earthmother-y as you can get.

That said, I feel like there’s an important distinction to be made.
Azeroth isn’t the Earthmother. Not literally, anyway.
This is more a case of the Tauren ascribing the identity to Azeroth than Azeroth actually being the identity.

None of the Tauren’s beliefs about the Earthmother appear to be true.
Azeroth has yet to acknowledge the Tauren in any significant way to validate their worship of her.
Azeroth is the Earthmother in the same way Therazane could be the Earthmother.

But hey. They could surprise me moving forward and build off that relationship since we’ll be getting more Azeroth interactions with WW.