What if Dark series hits WoW

if the rewind time in the bronze dragonflight main quest impacts the past giving the correct timeline view for N’zoth…

And that caused N’zoth to act differently, resulting in an alliance between the alliance and the horde sooner.

Resulting in Jailer’s plans being postponed.

Resulting in Arthas being alive.
Resulting in Garrosh not needing to war with the alliance as the truce would have come sooner.

In short, N’zoth’s plans affected the plans of the shadowlands and only strengthened the bonds of the ally and horde.

What do you think of something like this?

I think you need to rethink your life.
Too much free time to have this kind of mad conspiracy.

I’ve never heard of this series, but this sounds like another opportunity to do an in-universe retcon that Blizzard will miss.

orcs freeing humans during their alternate universe invasion of a black army ruled azeroth would be an interesting twist for a story, this would be pre wow timeline.


IMO Dark was a well written show. They managed to pull off multiple variables and timelines, keeping track of their ramifications and on top of that create a believable ending that completely made sense.

Blizzard is not capable of that :expressionless: